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Mostly I felt like this episode was a compendium of shout-outs to previous episodes. I loved the sheer volume of H/W as much as any squeee-ing fan-girl, but felt weirded out by the way the tone changed in every scene. Some of it was Ol’ Skool, First Season H/W walk/talk, some had the feeling of 2nd season Sub-text and then there was that whole other completely weird post-Tritter vibe going on.

Once again, it’s still House being a bastard and Wilson being his bitch way more than Hector ever was. (And yeah, I know Hector is not a bitch, but I couldn’t let the joke go any more than House could avoid the cute scrotum joke.)

Here are my notes taken during the 2nd watching.

Do I totally suck for saying “Ooh, black people. Must be another Foreman Episode?”

As those who know me know…I am crazy about dogs. And Hugh. So Hugh&Dog-Instant OTP. And I think that’s the same kind he got saddled with for awhile in one of the Jeeves eps? (Belongs to Steffi (sp?) Bing, right?) Soooooo cuuutttte.

“Imaginary friend”-shout out to Whac-A-Mole “Can I be your imaginary friend?” House is God?

“Needle in a haystack”-reference to Maternity.

Lots of talk this week and last week about decisions and bad choices. I can’t hear those words spoken by House and not think of the infarction and surgery.

Chase/Foreman-Adorability in the extreme and loved the reference/recap to The Mistake. I thought Jesse/Omar chemistry has been way high the last two weeks and I hope to see some good Chase/Foreman fic out of this. I’ll take the flames and admit I also liked the bit of stalker

“Acute Scrotum” Flashback to Sex Kills in terms of the embarrassment of the patient and a similarity in the symptom. They had to have used this, JUST so they could do the joke. Hugh was so much adorable there, I didn’t mind. In fact, this was yet another ep, where I thought Hugh was carrying a not so great script on his shoulders, even if it was supposed to another ALL ABOUT FOREMAN ep.

The Yips. (Isn’t that what he had a little bit in Euphoria, when Wilson accused him of being “common?”)

“Not playing baseball doesn’t make him a cripple.” Hugh’s delivery…amazing.

“I have to start pretending to care.” H/W bunnies abound.

And who is that attractive woman in a lab coat actually looking and sounding like an adult, professional doctor? Alison Cameron, is that YOU? I barely recognized you.

The minute I saw the stoned doggie on the floor, I immediately thought of House’s Merry Little Christmas OD on floor with puke moment. I know a lot of people who say they wouldn’t do that, and that scene was too important, dramatic to play off that way. Same script writer I think, so you make the call.

House invites Wilson to a dirty movie. AWESOME. I wonder if the shoes he shouldn’t wear are the lying French ones from Fidelity.

The cane break-“Not me this time.” Reference to Safe. And as with safe, I like that it’s not the end of the world. I wish he’d let Chase help him up, but I loved the “Tripped on Wilson’s self-righteousness” line.

I still don’t get the “four is less than six” line in reference to Wilson’s first marriage. Would he really be accusing Wilson of being that deficient in the schlong department, as some people have suggested. I’m lost.

“Foreman screwed us.” “You screwed us.”
What matters is that there is an US to be screwed, even if they won’t admit to screwing each other.

“When the decision mattered, you didn’t have the guts to tell them what to do. Foreman was wrong and you’re a coward.”
To me the most intense dialogue in the whole ep, maybe the most heavy-duty H/W convo since “this stupid, screwed up friendship.”

I’m telling you gang…it’s all about the infarction. Wilson WAS there and he couldn’t/didn’t stop Stacy.

The pawnshop (or whatever it was) scene has been loved to death and analyzed at length, so I won’t go over it again, except to say that it reminded me very much of the bar scene in “Honeymoon.” Same jacket on Wilson? Same House calls, Wilson goes, even if he’s upset (or risking the marriage he doesn’t care about.)
Love Hugh/Props (Pipe, Sunglasses, Hat-another Jeeves reference to one episode I believe.)
Dialogue-I think I believe this “I’m sorry,” more than the Words&Deeds apology because he tried to pull it back so quickly.
“You’re pathetic,” last heard to Cameron in No Reason and needed a moratorium in canon and fic rather than the over-use it will probably get.

The super-slo-mo walk is reallyreallyreally saying, THIS IS THE COUPLE. THESE BOYS ARE IN LOVE. At least this week.

And then hearing Baba O’Reilly in the Cisco commercial was like saying “Our show owns the world.” I know our show doesn’t own that song, but really, it does.

House to kid-“You’ll never take off a girl’s bra, drink a beer, lots of good stuff.”
Not sure if this is more to remind us that he’s not just gay or a sneaky re-iteration that there’s good stuff besides girl’s bras. Or maybe I just need to get my mind out of the H/W gutter for a change.

Wilson/Foreman-I like the way they wrote this one, with the two characters seeming to completely ignore what the other one is saying. This weeks and last weeks Wilson/Foreman interaction made me very happy. I love seeing Wilson interact with FCC, because it brings out different aspects of his character.

“If you care you fight to keep it, if you don’t you quit.” Talking about Foreman’s job or his relationship with House? Is that why you put up with all this shit, James?

“Pride and shame only apply to people you have a vested interest in, not employees.”
And yet you went out of your way to tell Cameron “I’m proud of you,” at the end of Informed Consent. Does that mean anything?

As much as I love the doggie thing, I think the limp was just a bit much. Also not sure if the limp was loving imitation or House actually hurt the dog.

I think we’re supposed to read the dog as another person leaving House (or being taken away) because you could tell he was getting attached. B/T/W I totally refuse to get involved in the time-line fuck-wittage brought on by the whole thing with the dog’s age. JUST NO.

Not as moved by “You did good,” as I was by “I’m proud of you.” I thought the scene was rushed and the dialogue was very stilted, existing only so we could get to the big, DRAMATIC, “I’m giving my two weeks notice.”

Foreman actually leaving is about as likely as Cameron actually leaving in the first seaosn, unless Omar is pulling a George&Jorja about his contract, which I strongly advise him NOT TO DO. Just take what they’re giving you and hang in there long enough to make money on the residuals. You got your Emmy reel the last two weeks, so good luck with that.

Three weeks to go kiddies.

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