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My Barrowmania Soiree was a stunning success!!!

Out of three confirmed attendees only one bailed on me, which given the weather and taking general dizzy queen behavior into account isn't half bad.

David and Giovanni were both at my place by 7:45PM. David brought a bottle of wine and a six-pack of diet coke. Since neither I or the hubby drink, I had no corkscrew in the house and had to borrow one from my neighbor across the hall. At some point pizza arrived from Thrill of the Grill, as well.

I managed to successfully operate the DVD remote. Normally that's hubby's job, but I did ok, although I still have no idea how to pause the damn thing.

Giovanni, David and I are all about the same age range with similar tastes in music and roots on the east coast.

Typical dialogue during the evening:
David: I got my first blow-job in Philadelphia.
Giovanni: Wow, so did I!
Me: Wouldn't it be funny if it was the same person?

So about the concert itself: An Evening With John Barrowman

OH JOHN!!! You are so fucking gorgeous it almost defies comprehension. And sexy. And talented. And your ass is one of the wonders of the world. And your taste is music can be utterly exquisite one minute and totally cheese-ball the next.

However, it should be said that the live performance absolutely redeems some of the songs that were absolute low points on the Music, Music, Music album such as From a Distance and Both Sides Now. He pulled off Don't Stop Me Now and Help Yourself on pure loungy energy. I was very amused with Help Yourself, since I had GDL doing the Tom Jones act in one of my John/David fics.

Speaking of RPS, the highlight of the concert was the duet with Daniel Boys on I Know Him So Well, which is great on the album and even better live. (If you've never heard it, go watch hllangel's awesome Jack/Doctor video right now. Then if you like that, check out Man of La Mancha) Daniel does one kind of forgettable song in the main concert video, but if you go to the extras they have the rest of his set, including Could It Magic, which starts with the slow-tempo original and then segues into the Take That version. Giovanni, David and I were all quite taken with sort of cute, hot, nerdy, geeky persona (Kind of like Russell Tovey) and David was absolutely convinced that John and Daniel must have something going on. I realized that as far as I know there's no John/Daniel RPS. Not that I'm planning to write any. Because you know John/David and of course John/Scott. Nope...not writing that. *whistles innocently*

There was also much lusting over one of John's dancers. (Nope, not imagining John walking in on Daniel and the dancer in the act.)

How much do I love John for dedicating a song to his dogs? (Almost as much as I love David's utter lust and devotion for Burn Gorman/Owen Harper. I showed him the picture of hllangel and Burn at the stage door for Oliver. He was VERRRY jealous.)

I'd say the only song in the show that John just couldn't redeem was Living La Vida Loca. *shudder*

Please, please, please John. Come to North America for one concert. (Nope, Ego-fest II would NOT count.) Seriously, anywhere on my continent and I will find a way to get there.)

The only real disappointment was John's trousers being a bit loose. (Although in the extras he managed to split them anyway...I wonder if it was PJ Proby tribute.) We still got some awesome shots of the ass, but there was a craving to see it in something a bit more form-fitting so I pulled out the DVD of Putting It Together

I'll say it again; 1998 John is almost too gorgeous to look at, and whoever created those pants was a fucking artiste.

We got about half-way through before my boys started getting tired. So I gave David the DVD to take home along with a copy of Layer Cake to feed his burgeoning Burn Gorman fetish. I wanted to give him either TW Series 2 or Dr. Who series 1, but realized that my Who was on loan to Debra and that I was so pissed off with what appeared at the time to be the immenent character assassination of Captain Jack that I never bought it. I told him to put S2 on his Netflix queue.

The boys went home around 11ish and I stayed up for another two hours watching old Buzzcocks clip on Youtube, thereby successfully avoiding any temptation to put on the TV and watch the news.

A splendid evening all around. Thanks again to hllangel for getting me the DVD and making it all possible.
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