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MMOM Day 5-E is for Enter The Dragon

Title: Teacher's Pet
Fandom: Enter The Dragon (YES, the Bruce Lee movie. NO, Bruce is NOT in this fic.)
Pairing: Roper/Tania
Rating: NC17
Wordount: 1570
A/N-OK, this is extremely self-indulgent, but hey, it is a masturbation fest, right? Tania is the madam who brings girls to Mr. Lee, Mr. Williams and Mr. Roper the night before the tournament.
Thanks again to Beta Goddess Carol for working on yet another fandom she had no clue about and totally supporting me through this mishegas.
Warning: Kinky shit

Men were men.

Tania couldn’t see much difference between the streets of San Francisco and the whorehouses of Hong Kong. Working for Mr. Han was an improvement over both. She had nice clothes and a comfortable room, as well as a salary being deposited directly into the Bank of Hong Kong. Someday she’d have enough money saved up to go home, if she ever figured out where that was.

When Roper chose her as his companion for the evening, she was amused by his audacity, but also flattered. Some of the girls on the island were much younger. Too damn young to be working already, she thought and then tried not to think about it. How they’d come to be here wasn’t her business to know, only that they did the job while they were.

She thought she knew what to expect from the cocky American, and really had no objections. Men were men after all. She was good at what she did, so this could end as quickly as she wanted it to.

When he rose to kiss her, Tania took the time to run her hands under his shirt, feeling his taut chest and stomach. She found herself worrying how he would fare in the competition tomorrow. He was lean and muscular, but some of those men were built like machines.

Smooth, she noticed. Both the body and the technique, as he deftly pulled them down onto the bed so that she was lying on top of him and the kiss had barely broken for air. Maybe she didn’t want this to end too soon. Not the way he was kissing her, as though he had all the time in the world to do nothing else, in spite of the fact that he had to fight in the tournament the next day.

Once he’d had his fill of her lips and mouth he turned to her neck with the same leisurely, skillful attention. By the time he started nibbling at one earlobe, she had changed her mind again. She didn’t know how much more she could take before she would simply have to strip this man and ravage him.

“You know what I said when I first saw you?” he said, not whispering, just a soft, matter-of-fact voice that somehow made her heart beat as fast as his kisses. “I said, there’s a woman who could teach a man a lot about himself.”

“I think you know plenty, Mr. Roper.”

“A wise man never stops learning. “

Tania focused her attention on Roper’s face. He was still smiling, but seemed sincere. If he were serious, really wanted to know something about his own limits…

“Are you sure?”

“Whatever you’ve got. I can handle it.”

“Wait right here.”

She went back to her room to get the necessary equipment. The beads had been given to her by Keiko Matsui of the Blue Lantern in Kyoto, who’d taught her how to use them by personal example. Mr. Roper was in for a quite a treat, she thought, hoping he’d have the same opinion.

By the time she got back he’d removed the rest of his clothing. By the look of things, he was definitely ready for what she’d brought. Without saying anything, she showed him the black obsidian ring, giving him time to realize what it was and voice any objections he might have.

His cock immediately responded to her first touch, straining upwards, growing even harder. She teased him with the tips of her fingers, brushing the head with the back of her hand, but never giving a firm squeeze. Then she opened the ring at its hinge and proceeded to place it firmly around the base of his cock.

Their eyes met. She could see the arousal in his eyes as much as in his dick. She’d been told the sensation she was putting him through was both torture and delight, and she was only beginning. He’d accepted the ring with no trepidation, but the beads were something else.

“You know what I’m going to do with these?”

“Somehow I don’t think we’re playing dress-up.”

“You wanted to learn something.”

“That’s right.”

“Turn on to your side. “

“Yes, teacher.”

The lotion was slippery on her hands and on the beads. Keiko had warned her that men who wanted this would either be the best or the worst. She had the feeling that Roper was truly crossing unknown territory the minute she touched the cleft of his ass.


“I want to, but this is…different.”

Giving up on the immediate goal, she decided to work some tension out of his back and shoulders, occasionally letting her hair fall against his skin. When she sensed he was ready, she tried again, slowly, gently, moving her finger against his ass with only the slightest pressure, letting him open to her, rather than forcing anything. She could feel a tremor in his body, and sweat on his back, but he was obviously willing and wanting and eventually she was able to work the first, smallest bead in. The second went in with a gasp and the third with something between a groan and a whimper, but he never told her to stop and finally he had taken all five.

She instructed him to lie on his back again and took her time to stand watching. Maybe she was learning something too. Keiko hadn’t told her how exciting it would be to watch a man struggle like that. His cock held erect and upright against the black glass and his body coped with sensations that he’d never experienced before.

“Pay attention, Mr. Roper,”

He looked up at her, face shiny with sweat and excitement, while she reached around the back of her neck to untie the knot that would make the dress fall to her feet. As she felt herself completely exposed to him as he was to her, she reminded herself of something she always told the girls: Your nudity is power. His is weakness.

The gasp from the bed told her she was right. She could imagine how desperately he wanted to touch himself, because she knew the feeling.

“Don’t touch,” she said firmly.

There was a hint of a pout, but she guessed he might be joking about that as well.

“Are you going to tie my hands?”

“I’ve already told you not to touch. How can I teach you, if you disobey?”

“Touché,” he concurred, placing his hands behind his head. “Now what?”

“Now you watch.”

She slid out of her shoes and got in the bed facing him. One hand ran up the inside of her thigh, up to her own pussy, finding out just how excited she really was. She positioned herself so he could see everything, as she spread her legs and started playing with herself, stroking the folds of flesh.

Roper finally looked stunned.

Tania held his gaze as she worked herself toward orgasm, pushing her flesh against the hardness underneath, feeling as though her body was wracked by the same tension he was feeling, until she broke through the barrier and let pleasure flow through her, nearly making her forget who she was and what she was doing there.

She was almost surprised to find an attractive man with a hard-on squirming in the bed watching her, until she remembered. The bed seemed to be vibrating, but that was his legs, shaking with tension.

If he were one of the bad ones, she’d leave him like that, maybe for hours, but she’d decided, probably the minute she saw him, that he wasn’t.

“Are you ready to touch?”

“Have I learned the lesson?”

“We’ll find out.”

She found the bottle of lotion and handed it to him.

“I’m usually more of a rough-rider,” he pointed out.

“But I’m still teaching here. You’re going to be very sensitive when I take this off. Lie on your side again. No hands till I say so.”

Once the ring was removed, she took a long count of ten, to allow feeling to return and remind him who was running the class.

“OK,” she said softly

He fell into a rhythm quickly, with just the slightest wince telling her she’d been right about the lotion.

She listened carefully to ragged breathing as it sped up along with the motion of his right hand. He was so focused that she wondered if he even realized she was there any more. Maybe that focus would allow him to go out there and win tomorrow. A good fighter picked his moment and she picked hers as well, grasping the loop at the end of the beads to pull them out just as he hit his climax.

The scream was deep and loud and long and when it was over, Tania knew she had definitely taught Mr. Roper something about himself.

He asked her to stay and she agreed, waking up sometime in the night to find they were actually making love.

She never saw him again after they were rescued from the island, but it was a rare night she didn’t see him in her dreams. The images of that night would never fail to make her heart beat a little faster and her breath catch in the back of her throat.

Men were men, but she always told their daughter that her father was the best one she’d ever met.

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