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They Call Me Stormy Pimp Post

It's a mixed bag today, including a note that my Hubby spent Saturday at the Zen Center doing his first all day sitting and wrote an interesting post on it.
For those interested, Take a look and feel free to drop a comment.


Speaking of friend-pimpage, my BFF Jen has started an LJ blog, which includes posts about her return to the world of theater as well as the struggles of motherhood and writing.

I've done some retail pimpage via emails, but this is the big push. Her username is njzynj.

Pimping a new community:

Torchwood Three, Take Four is intended as a safe place to be unashamedly excited about the future of Torchwood - on TV and radio, in novels and (of course!) in fanworks - following the hugely successful and heartbreaking televisual event(TM) that was Torchwood: Children of Earth.

It's somewhere to discuss - to fic, vid and icon - WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.



I made a bid on a Podcast for to raise funds for Hope In Sight and I won.

speccygeekgrrl has done an amazing version of my House MD story, "Bargain," which is primarily House/Chase smut and also includes a bit of House/Wilson angst. She did a great job on what was probably a tricky story to read out loud, since it not only has drunk House, but drunk House singing.

The link is HERE. Please go listen and give some love.


Two fics by vanillafluffy

Scratching the Itch
It's a Watchmen/Dark Angel crossover featuring hot smut between Max and Eddie (the Comedian) as well as some Max/Laurie femslash. You KNOW you want to read this, especially all the Jeffrey Dean Morgan lovers out there.

A Song of the Green Fairy
A lovely fanfic for the movie version of From Hell. Sort of an AU to the movie's ending and a bit of a tribute to A Christmas Carol, as well. If you loved Johnny Depp as Inspector Abberline and want to see more of him or just want a bit of slightly dark, but also sweet Victoriana, this is the fic for you.


Dr. Who

Requiem by rustydog.

A post-End of Time vignette about Donna, that really captures her voice and gives her a satisfying ending. Bonus points for using a Song Lyric Prompt


I haven't been following the Porn Battle, but if you wrote or read any fics that you think I'd like, let me know, so I can check it out.
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