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Scenes from a beautiful day.

8:00AM, the Marina. Perfect weather. Blue sky. Green hills. Orange Bridge. Frisky dogs. Life is good.

And I'm staggering my way through the Third Annual Run for Arctic Awareness , which was part of, so help me, the Norway Day festival. So happy Norway Day, you lovely Norwegians out there and will someone please tell me what the hell critter is supposed to be on the t-shirt? Hubby said it was a seal and I'm like NO, it's got hands and legs, not flippers. I think it's a bolar bear, being Arctic Awareness and all, but it doesn't really look like a polar bear, either.

Anyway, because I was holding off leaving here till the last minute, trying to get in a few more seconds of work on a wankfic, I cut it way too close and barely got down to the Herbst Pavillian in time to pick up a number and start the race. They didn't have enough safety pins and it was a pretty small number of runners. I had planned to do the 10-K, but once again, wussed out and went for the 5-K. I was feeling a twinge in my leg and a stitch in my side and it would have been a long, lonely way home if I went for another three miles.

So I finished in about 55 minutes, got the t-shirt and of course the waffle and came home. I got yelled at by a bus driver because I sort of flagged him down at the bottom of Fillmore street. I didn't think I could beat him to the bus stop.

Also a happy, happening day on Castro Street for brunch.

Since the demise of Platanos, we've generally been gong to Castro Street for Saturday Brunch where we have a choice of Orphan Andy's, Welcome Home, and Castro Cove. Today was Welcome Home, followed by a few errands. It was one of those days where you really got the neighborhood community feeling on Castro. The sun was shining. People were out and about. Tattoos were everywhere you looked. The Castro and Upper Market Street Merchants association had a thing going where almost all the stores had some kind of street sale going as well with all kinds of goodies at all kinds of discounts.

Hubby is still on his fresh pasta making kick and went to buy a flour sifter at Cliffs and then went to get some bird-seed for the finches.

He also has another NEW THING. For absolutely no apparent reason and virtually out of nowhere, he's decided he wants to fish. Honestly gang, I have no freaking clue where this came from. But all of a sudden, rod, reel, lure, books etc. I sound exactly like Robin from "Airborne" every time she said "Oh God!" but I'm trying to be supportive.

He's actually our right now in search of more books. I'm like-Cool, I've got MMOM to work on, not to mention the OTHER shit I'm supposed to be writing.

Anywho...back to work.

Love you guys.

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