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State of the Union Day

I'll be honest, I'm a bit on edge about what the President is going to say, what the analysis will be and if there's going to be another Joe Wilson moment. There's a fundraiser tonight at the Mint for the Haiti and I'm very tempted to go there after work, stay as late as I can and not watch any coverage. That would cowardly, but on the other hand, I promised some of my Karaoke folks I would be there and naturally I want to do something to help raise money. Decisions, decisions.


*Waves at "fans"*

Hi guys! You know, I said I wasn't going to call you "stalkers" anymore, but you have to admit that going to effort of trolling multiple posts to find one comment that kindasortabutnotreally supports your assertions about me, does verge on the obsessive. Not to mention throwing a bit of random hatred at my f-list for the heinous crime of possibly agreeing with me. You know what? Some people really, really do. (My friend David b/t/w-up to Series 2, episode three last time we talked, "Wow, he really is whiny, isn't he?" I LOVE YOU DAVID!!!)

Thanks to my sources for keeping me advised, and anyone who's over there trying to spread a little sanity on my behalf.


Finally--some good news:

ACORN 'gotcha' man arrested in attempt to tamper with Mary Landrieu's office phones

The right wing blogs I've been reading (the way I keep up with the *fans*) are all pretty dismayed about this, not because they think it was a bad thing to do, but because they can tell how much this is going to damage their campaign to destroy ACORN.


Morning craziness on the Desk of Doom. Major problem child booked into a Major Chain Hotel in a Major City, but it's the wrong property of the a Major Chain. No problem getting him into the other hotel, but he's now inside cancellation and the 1st hotel is being scuzzy about giving me a waiver.

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