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Fly-by Bones Babble

Some discussion of a controversial topic ahead. Read at your own risk.

I definitely liked the main plot here, although I'm a bit iffy on the idea of Brennan fudging the findings to make Booth feel better about the government. Make that very iffy. If he can't live with a bit of ambiguity about his government, then he's not as strong as everyone keeps saying he is.

Epsiodes that isolate the cast in the lab are always fun.

The sub-plot...ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH. Oh the stupidity and the manipulation and the pissing me off about the subject of abortion.
Michelle would actually take her EPT at the lab where her "mother" works? AND LEAVE IT THERE???? I know they needed a plot device to trigger the whole thing, but really. And then to me believe that ANGELA would leave it where it could be found? REALLY? Can I smack every single writer who had anything to do with that? HARD!!!

The whole Angela is Pregnant fake out further convinces me that they picked Wendell for the hook-up because he's such an non-entity that the eventual Angela/Hodgens reunion won't annoy anybody. Could those anvils have been falling any faster or more furiously.

"You'll keep it."

How much did I hate that dialogue put in the male character's mouth who knows her OH SO WELL. Yes, she's talked about wanting lots of children, but as she points out, this isn't the best time and the character she's involved with does not seem to be someone she views as a long-term situation. And her EX BOYFRIEND announces: "You'll keep it."


Now maybe Angela really does feel that way. Being a fictional character who has displayed flakey behaviour in the past, it's a possibility. But the way the idea of an abortion was raised to be so very neatly and quickly shut down pisses me off and starts me wondering...does anybody on television have a legal abortion anymore? It's been over 30 years since Erica Kane and Maude has theirs and I'm really curious as to what happened to the ability to have a safe, legal abortion on network television?

Did Lulu go ahead with hers on GH or did she pull a Fallon on Dynasty last minute "I couldn't go through with it" routine.

Yes, I'm over-reacting to a show that I claim I don't really pay that much attention to.

I really dislike the actor who plays Booth's brother, probably because he reminds me so much of a younger Daniel Baldwin.

Did Booth learn NOTHING from the whole "Daisy is engaged and cheating on Sweets" fiasco? Apparently not.

When did I start liking Sweets so much more than I used to? Christmas episode I guess and Malice On The Cross before that. So, yes, I guess I can warm up to a Newbie (even if they have to make him a bit of a Newbie Woobie in the process.)

How much do I love Vincent. Come here Mr. Nigel Murray, I'll give you a big hug and some "approval" if you know what I mean.

So when they started with the Civil War re-enactors I said to hubby: "Oh look, there's a subculture they haven't managed to offend yet."

Little did I know where the plot was actually going. At the risk of sounding privileged, I'm going to say I thought the plot was well-meaning, but a bit heavy-handed, including "I'm gay and I hunt. Deal with it." Kudos for not making the murderer be the closeted gay man, I guess.

Joshua Molina!!! I hope he gets to be less of a jerk than he did on House MD.

Also: More about Arastoo Vaziri!!! That I'm actually interested in.
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