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MMOM Day 7-G is for General Hospital

Title: Always On His Mind
Fandom: General Hospital
Character:Luke Spencer
Rating: PG13
Warning: Mention of rape.
Wordcount: 325
Love and Kisses to Beta Goddess Carol, again delving into unknown fandoms on my behalf.

Luke woke up hung-over. Again.

There wasn’t enough alcohol to forget and there was too much pain for him to stop trying.

The gentle sway of The Haunted Star tried to lull him back to sleep, but his mind and at least part of his body were definitely awake. You wouldn’t think an old lush like him could still get it up, but there it was, alive and kicking.

His head and dick were both throbbing. Just like always, he gave in to his dick first.

Getting the boner was easy; doing anything with it; more of a crap-shoot. Another reason why that thing with Skye had kind of petered out. The famous Luke Spencer sense of humor at its most sophisticated.

There was a sure-fire way to get that ship to sail, but…oh screw it, they’d both made their peace with that years ago.

He thumbed the head a few times to make sure it really wanted to do this. A drop of fluid gave the answer.

Eyes closed. Teeth clenched. The pain in his temples shouted out for aspirin. Luke couldn’t hear it because he was at the Campus Disco listening to “Rise,” looking at Laura. He wanted her and nothing was going to stop him. Part of him knew that she already loved him, and would eventually give up everything so they could be together, but all he really knew in that moment was the fear on her face making him feel stronger every second.

He squeezed himself hard, as the music got louder, reliving the memory that had haunted him for over thirty years. Laura underneath him, fighting, screaming and he took her anyway, because she was his.

His, he thought, coming into his hand, the way he’d come into her, with hard violent thrusts.

Why did he have to put himself through this and why did it have to feel so good?

Now, he really needed a drink.

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