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House Babble for Moving The Chains

House Party attended by hllangel, michelleann68 and evila_elf

I honestly don't know what to say about this.

This was one of the most disjointed episodes I've ever seen. Each scene seemed to change tone with nearly every line.

The emotional disconnect with the Foreman/Brother stuff was out of control, especially pulling Dead Mom into it. One minute you force me hate Foreman because sulky Foreman is the pits and then I'm supposed to feel bad because Mom died.

One minute House is having fun being goofy and playing Hercule Poirot and the next he's got the "I've gone to far look" from when the guy went off the building and we supposed to believe he really cares.

I couldn't tell if House and Wilson were supposed to have had a lovers fight or if they trying to convince us of the platonic friend bullshit, so I'll actually give this one to the fluffers, only I can't because it was also a major STFU WILSON episode, where his lecturing and analysis felt like he was trying to tell us what House was "really" up to because the writers knew they were failing to get the point across.

I did think that Cuddy was going to be the prankster seeing as she's had no qualms about doing shit that would physically hurt House in the past, such as the trip wire. Throwing Lucas in didn't do much for me, and the worst line of the night award goes to "She's got this idea that you're her friends." If that's true, she's a fucking idiot. Has she not been watching the show for six years?

Apparently not. Or apparently the writers think I haven't been.,

HELLO WRITERS...may I draw your attention the fucking pilot for this show.

Foreman: Whoa, oh, I can’t just break into someone’s house.

House: Isn’t that how you got into the Felker’s home? [pause] Yeah, I know, court records are sealed, you were 16, it was a stupid mistake, but your old gym teacher has a big mouth. You should write a thank you note.

And later:

Foreman: When you break into someone’s house; it’s always better to have a white chick with you.

And still later:

Cameron: That’s right. You stole a loaf of bread to feed your starving family right? You always eat during break-ins?

Foreman: Am I supposed to respect their food more then I respect their DVD players? You want some?

So don't give me this Eric was only in a car with Marcus and that's the only bad thing he ever did crapola.

Also, did you think I wouldn't notice that Foreman pulled the same stunt on the patient that Cameron used on Fat Guy in Que Sera Sera?

Plus sides: Hardly any 13, Nekkid House in tub, House in glasses. Unfortunately hardly any Chase. I think Taub upped his percentage to getting about three smiles out of me. Patient got one good line about god loving him more by making him black but otherwise was there any reason for his existence?

And that leaves us with the clinic patient/Anti-war statement. Which throws the tone of the episode even more off kilter. Is House doing this because he opposes the war in Iraq? Or is it the grown up equivalent of giving Cow Guy the the libido-killing drugs. Is it a way to get a subtle anti-war message on the same network that brings us 24? Or is it just to continue to prove Wilson's rightness about House being nice. By letting a man lose his foot so he can see his son grow up. After telling the guy he wasn't special for getting a girl knocked up.

I agree that war is bad, the Iraq war is unjustified, and the extra deployments have got to stop, but for me this plot was one big WHAT THE FUCK! It's literally like someone ran up to the writers and offered them a bribe to stick it into their script or something.

Seriously, that whole episode was a mess. I hope the fluffers think they got something out of it because I don't know what other value it had.

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