karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

MMOM Day 9-I is for I Dream Of Jeannie

Title: Pink Bottle Blues
Fandom: I Dream Of Jeannie (suggested by vanillafluffy)
Character: Jeannie
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 200
Warning: Discipline
A/N: It's good to know that when I go to hell for this, Beta Goddess Carol will be on the barstool right next to me.

Jeannie paced the floor of her bottle, sighing in frustration.

She hated to think badly of her new master, but Captain Nelson was proving to be somewhat of a disappointment. He had no apparent interest in using her powers and certainly none in punishing her for failure to do his bidding.

Caliph Omar the Tenth: now there was a master. A man of large requests and large hands who delighted in providing discipline when demands were not met to his satisfaction. Jeanne had often suspected the Caliph of concocting tasks he knew to be beyond her capabilities, just so he might have the opportunity to bend her over his knee and show her what happened to bad genies.

Searching through her belongings, she found a present the Caliph had given her before he sailed off into battle, never to return. It was carved out of ivory and had the same dimensions as Omar himself.

She blinked off her garments and lay back on the pink cushions, spreading her legs and holding the Caliph’s gift with both hands, musing briefly on her current situation

There must be something her new master wanted, and some way she could do it wrong.
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