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100 Twitter followers!!!

For some reason this makes me ridiculously happy.

And quite amused that #100 is this guy: http://twitter.com/polyamorie


So pretty much all I want to do today is drink a lot of water and try to NOT binge. I'm in a situation where the food has been out of control for nearly three weeks, I haven't exercised at all in about two and I'm still planning to get up tomorrow and do a 1/2 marathon. This should be amusing.

I had to give in to reality yesterday and buy some new fat clothes at Dress Barn because I'm worried about the Panty Patrol at work giving my boss more shit about me not looking professional enough.


I have to go downtown at some point because there's one ticket I'm not sure got run yesterday. Then some shopping. Hubby has more bread-baking plans in the works and I'm planning of making some pasta tonight.


Rachel Maddow from New Orleans was beyond adorable last night, or should I say Rachel Maddeaux? They kept the gag going through the whole sheaux, including "Geaux for it" "Ms. Infeaux" and a few others. It should have gotten old, but it didn't, plus Melissa Harris Lacewell, looking beautiful and trying to teach Rachel how to pronounce "Who Dat?"

Keith spent a large chunk of his show deconstructing exactly how Jon Stewart went on O'Reilly and made mincemeat and then O'reilly edited that stuff out, but DID put it on the website.

Jon (from Thursday) tried to cut through all the BS of the blogosphere trying to make his jibes mean anything more than they are. AND had the interview with Anthony Weiner, which was in itself a thing of beauty and comic timing on both men's parts. A SHIP IS BORN!!!

If you want to see the Tibetan wall hangings hubby bought last week, there are some pictures over here.
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