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Barrowmaniacs are everywhere!!!

I just had a visit from the awesome (and awesomely named) Daemon O'Neil, who is the Account Director for the so-to-be-fabulously-opening Trump Soho in New York. He spotted a Dr. Who DVD on my desk (just returned from my temp co-worker convert Debra) and I asked if he was a Barrowmaniac...Is he a Barrowmaniac? OH BABY!!! He goes back to the Central Park West and Titans days. We had a major Squeeeeeeeeee-fest, thereby no doubt driving my co-worker crazy.

Unfortunately he hasn't seen End of Time yet, so we couldn't discuss THAT SCENE.
When we talked about possible US Torchwood, he was sure they'd remove all the gayness and bisexuality. He seemed vague about whether Jack had fallen in love with anyone in the show and I reminded him about Original Captain Jack and he said "oh yeah."

I showed him John's website and we went over the track-list for the upcoming album and he totally swooned. This has made me so happy. It's not everyday a confirmed Barrowmaniac walks into my office.

What's really funny is how much I was dreading having to deal with a hotel guy today. Now even my sore legs feel better.

Since the topic has introduced itself, I gotta say I'm now happy that John got whatever permission he needed from the Wicked people to include The Doctor and I on the new album. I'm still not crazy about the filky aspect of it, although there is a great history of "special lyrics" in showbiz and this could fall into that category, but mostly I love the idea of John recording such a shippy song for posterity. Let's face it folks, he didn't go out of his way to sing Me and My Teaboy or something. If John were doing the OTP Meme for Jack, I think we know who'd be #1.

And rounding out the day in Barrowmania/Torchwoody stuff...RTD's "acceptance speech" read by Moran at SFX for Day 5 of CoE.

Here's the link: http://www.sfx.co.uk/page/sfx?entry=russell_t_davies_s_sfx

Leading to the usual reactions from the usual suspects.
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