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I've been in my mind and it's such a fine line...

I'm still (very slowly) reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I was reading it on BART this morning. When I got off at Embarcadero Station, I tucked my paperback copy in my pocket book (hand-bag or purse for my non US East Coast people) and was on the platform heading for the escalator, thinking of snarky things I was going to say about the book when I finished it. I spotted a woman walking the other way, while reading a hard-backed edition of the same the book. Unfortunately there was no time to stop her for a mini-book club moment, so all I could do was wallow in a moment of self-disgust for being such a literary lemming.


Hello to all my snow-bound Chelsea Drugstore friends. New York, Boston, DC, Chicago. To me there's no wonder or fun or glory in any of it. I'm glad not to be where it's actually cold and wet and snowy, but full of vicarious crankiness because to me it's all about dealing with the travel ramifications of canceled flights and having to VERY POLITELY explain to people that NO, I CAN'T GET YOU TO NEW YORK FOR YOUR VERY IMPORTANT MEETING BECAUSE ALL THE FLIGHTS HAVE BEEN CANCELED!!!


I want to at least start walking to work again, but I can't until my thighs and calves feel a bit better and especially until the big, nasty blister on my right heel subsides.
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