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MMOM Day 12-L is for Law & Order

Title: Absent Friend
Fandom: Law & Order
Pairing: Anita Van Buren/Lennie Briscoe
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 100
Notes: My personal tribute, but in typical MMOM fashion.
Beta'ed by Beta Goddess Carol.

Van Buren misses Lennie.

They’d fought over procedure and principles, but from the time she got to the precinct, he’d always been able to make her smile with a sarcastic remark. Of all the detectives who’ve come and gone, he’s the one who seemed to understand her the most.

Sometimes, over the years, they’d gotten together for a Broadway musical, followed by dinner and a half-way decent hotel room. Mostly hugs and hands. Lenny was surprisingly adept at getting her off that way so she could go home telling herself she hadn’t really cheated.

She still can’t believe he’s gone.

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