karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

I've got blisters on me feet!

OK, just one, but it really really hurts. I also got a baby blister on my baby toe by wearing my "formal Crocs" for four days in a row. I've got a new pair of dressy shoes that I got at Dress Barn on Friday, but I'm worried they'll be too rough on the big blister. I need to destroy all my current pairs of New Balance or at least get them out of my life so I'm not tempted to put any of them on again, as I battered the life out of them so there is no support there whatsoever.

I've been a New Balance girl for years and years, but I feel like their quality has gone done lately (the last few years) and I need to start looking around for a new shoe. Nike and Reebok are out of the question. I might look into Asics. A few years ago I had some fun with a pair of Mizuno's so it might time for another Japanese fling.

The food is still fucked up and I'm in the middle of my period so I'm not even going to try and deal with the first until the second one is over. Just not gonna happen.


Got a call at 554PM last night, for a chance to a Southwest flight for 820AM this morning, which meant I HAD to call Southwest, which was showing hold times of 58 minutes. At least the Regional Manager had already approved over-time for the whole team due to the insanity with the snow.
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