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What has she been doing lately?

Besides cranking out those wank!fics that is.

Just a few glimpses into my life this past week.

I walked in Sunday afternoon and my seriously HOT and TALENTED friend David was there in tight jeans, sunglass, hot looking black shirt and leather gloves because he was heading out to some Leather event later on. He'd already been there for over an hour with The Donald and they were in the middle of a major show-tune fest including systematicaly working their way through the Linda Eder song-book. I got into the spirit of things with one of my few "super-diva" numbers "I'm Still Here" from Follies. It was a nice mellow crowd and a lovely time was had by all, including the bartenders and KJ, despite the obligatory performances of "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" and "Summer Lovin'" by various clue-less newbies who don't seem to know how sick the rest of us are of those two.

Most of the time I had my noteback out and was frantically working on a giftfic. I was back Monday night, finishing it up. For some reason, I can write better at the Mint surrounded by noise than I can at home alone. Possibly because I'm not checking my computer every five seconds for new LJ comments or someone to chat with. That might be it.

The Mint has some new decorations by the way...rainbow tube lights all around the bar and these things over the stage. I don't know the real name, but there's about five of them and they look like a Lite Brite board and they all flash different geometric patterns and colors. We call them seizure lights.

Sunday night song list:
I Know A Place-Petulia Clark-I absolutely KILL on the verses, but the chorus is too high and I either go very soft or try to belt through and it sounds awfu.
I'm Still Here-Follies-My GREAT BIG DIVA number.
One Night In Bangkok-Chess-Signature Song. Really, I kick ass.
Things-Bobby Darin.
Glad All Over-David Clark Five

Monday night-
A Boy From Nowhere-Tom Jones-I love this song and it could be a BIG DIVA number, but I cannot find a good key for it.
Rosalita-Bruce Springsteen-My big ROCK number. I have this one so down, I can move into the audience and really play to some girls (or boys) in the crowd and then I finish big with the Hut hut huts at the end.

I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job.
Yeah, that's new and exciting.
Luckily it was slow enough this week to allow me to spend most of my time on LJ and working on the MMOM fics.
Basically I'm screwing off ALL DAY and then getting everything done in the last two hours, often an hour after I'm supposed to leave. I figure if I'm getting it done and I'm not (kanine hora) missing ticketing, and I'm not putting in for OT, what's the problem?
The only time I put in for OT was when an account manager called and asked me to book for an account I'm not even supposed to be working on AND stay late so that the guy could make up his mind. So as far as she's concerned I'm miss wonderful and I even got a "good girl" write-up out of it.

Still on the fishing kick. Lots of books. Lots and lots of books. He's been out one time only as far as I know about. Crazy man, but I love him.

Made it to the gym Monday, Tuesday & Thursday and had a fabulous House-party on Tuesday night. Can't believe only two eps left this season.
Also re-watched Distractions and Autopsy. God I miss Season 2.

It's also the weekend to do some personal renovation.
Today I went to Kathy's and got a new full set on my nails (tips, acryllic, silkwraps), pedicure, eye-brow and half-legs waxed.
Tomorrow is HAIR DAY!!!

House-babble in next post.
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