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Some drive-by TV Babble for NCIS, Numb3rs & Bones

Thank God and Praise Allah for Cafe Petra, since whatever is screwing with my internet access in the apartment is continuing to do so. It's either the router or the provider and either way it's no internet upstairs, possible for all of the three-day weekend. I am doing my best to stay calm, and remind myself this is a good thing in terms of work on the NOVEL and another writing project. However it does mean that I'm going to get way behind on my LJ reading, since I can't just move in down here.


NCIS-Jack Knife.

Thanks to drunken_hedghog for the head's up that this was a great episode for my OTP.
I figured it might be just a few looks that could be construed as shippy, as those of use who slash are generally used to gleaning. But NO! Oh, no, no, no, no!!!! My OTP fucking RULES!!!

This was the best Gibbs/Fornell episode ever, starting with Gibbs bringing and being greeted by Fornell at the door in a beard and bathrobe and let me say that Joe Spano was rocking both of them. I haven't had an slash pairing feel this validated without actual onscreen contact since Season 2 of House MD. And Gibbs/Fornell are FUN the way that House/Wilson could be at times, and there's still just enough angst in the air to keep it from triggering my fluff allergy.

There was way more chemistry between Gibbs and Fornell, ESPECIALLY in the gas station scene than in all the forced UST between Gibbs and Lois from GH Heidi Petrelli the annoying female lawyer.

I liked the rest of the plot too, especially Peter Woodward as the baddie, and the chemistry between Ziva and Damon, Jealous Tony and Sleepy McGee. It was nice having a "lighter" episode rather than any anything with a message and anvils.

Numbers-And The Winner Is

Speaking of "light" episodes.

Absolutely LOVED William Katt as a cross between Steven Seagal and Mickey Rourke, and it was great seeing Marilu Henner, although how do you get Marilu Henner and NOT give her a scene with Judd Hirsch?

Bettencourt continues to be a Yaoi fangirl for David and Colby. "Where's your girlfriend? Not Colby, the other one." But David does finally get some.

Welcome back, Larry!!! Although I guess that means that angsy Don driving into the desert last week juxtoposed with Larry in the desert didn't mean what I thought it did, althought that really wouldn't have made sense anyway. Speaking of no sense..."A boy should have his father's watch." Really? WTF? Was that padding or just obligatory Don-angst, or what?

Two wags of my finger, one for the outrageously stereotyped campy gay jeweler and the other for making Amita a girly-girl award show watcher, which doesn't feel right for Amita at all. Couldn't they let Alan be the award-show watcher? Sheesh!!! Way to really work the stereotypes this week there, Numb3rs.

Bones-The Devil In The Details

Not much to babble except YAY for Josh Malina getting a better part than he did on House MD and I think I ship Arastoo/Camille. Where's the fic?
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