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Magical thinking

We were without internet access in the apartment for five days. Since it started on the Friday of the three-day weekend, the new modem didn't go out until Tuesday and therefore didn't get here till yesterday.

When I got home last night, everything was set up and wonderful. Within a half-hour my husband had burned himself making pasta. Really bad burn. Blisters and everything.

I immediately decided that this was the Internet Gods demanded a sacrifice for giving my internet junkie self her fix back.

I walked to work this morning and was of course on the search for the dog of the day. I found a lovely poodle named Willa, but somehow none of the shots looked good to me, and I ended up deleting them and going in search of a different dog. This is sort of a violation of the rules I've established for myself doing the project. The rule is to get the first dog I encounter that I can reasonably photograph.

When I got to Walgreens to pick up some soy milk for my breakfast (I'm three days into another sugar detox) I discovered that I didn't have any cash or my ATM on my person and ended up using my credit card for a $3.00 purchase.

On my lunch break I went home to look for the card in the pocket of the pants I was wearing yesterday and didn't find it. Or the cash I was sure I'd had in my pocketbook when I left this morning.

I couldn't decide if the missing ATM card was my part of the sacrifice to get my internet back or a punishment for breaking the rules of the dog project.

After work I went up to California Pacific Medical Center to visit franklefkin who is toddyboi's partner, who's had some major surgery. Hubby has a theory/motto that a real friend is someone who will visit you in the hospital. toddyboi came to visit Hubby during at least one of the broken leg convalescence periods, so I felt it was very much owed.franklefkin had a pretty good time chatting. Turns out we have a lot of "six degrees" in common in the San Francisco travel industry.

As soon as I got home, I found my ATM card in the skirt I wore on Tuesday, and immediately decided I was being rewarded for doing a good deed.

This is no way to live.
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