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My shoes are not random

Thanks to everybody who offered advice and to Patrick at Sports Basement (and hubby for having given me a Sports Basement gift certificate for Christmas.)

I am now the proud own of two pairs of Asics Gel-Foundations

It was still hard buying something besides New Balance, but Patrick assured me it's not just me, and New Balance has made some changes which could have led to my most recent unpleasant result, although a lot of that was probably just me waiting too long to buy new running shoes.

The plan is to get back onto the treadmill on Monday and hit the gym at least three days next week with a long run of about 3-4 miles on Sunday. If that isn't a complete disaster, I might sign up for the Emerald Across the Bay 12-K. I have to give this serious consideration because while I love the run, there is a very gnarly hill involved.

Before going to Sports Basement, I went to Castro Street and cast my first ever San Francisco Imperial Court vote for Emma Peel. Afterwards I went to Safeway to stock up on fruits, veggies, Lean Cuisines etc. I'm five days out of the last binge and feeling fairly good, but weekends are always dangerous, especially since tomorrow is HAIR DAY!!!
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