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MMOM Day 14-N is for Numb3rs

Title: Bad Math
Fandom: Numb3rs
Character: Amita Ramanujan (mentions of others)
Rating: PG13
Worcount: 110
Oh, Beta Goddess Carol, what would I do without you?

Amita wondered how she could feel so alone when they were both supposed to be in love.

Just when she thought her dreams were coming true, everything was falling apart. Larry had once warned her how much Charlie hero-worshipped his brother, but she’d never expected to find him naked in Don’s bed, legs spread, frantically jerking off. Worst of all, he was gasping out, “Donny, Donny,” so lost to the world he didn’t notice – or maybe care – that she was standing there.

At first it made her sick, and then it just made her sad.

She loved Charlie and Charlie wanted his brother.

What kind of misformed equation was that?

Tags: mmom, numb3rs

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