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It's Hair Day!!

Which is weird because it feels like the last hair day wasn't that long ago, however according to my nasty roots, it's definitely hair day.

I've taken my Benedryl in advance of Sebastian's evil fluffballs.


Hubby started Tivo-ing Slings and Arrows on Ovation. I'm not sure which episode he started with, but I watched with him last night, and used Wiki to figure out that we were seeing the first episode of the 2nd series.

I like the premise, but I'm suffering a mixture of "Hey, it's that guy" and "It can't be that guy" because we're still working our way through the Due South DVDs and seeing Paul Gross as anyone but Benton Frasier is weird. Hell, seeing him with mussed up hair is weird. Hearing him swear is nearly mind-blowing...and kind of sexy.

We just watched the Due South episode where Benton has to go into drag. I already had major Benton/Ray slash-glasses and that sort of shot them into overdrive. Since we're only on the 2nd season, I haven't been through the "Darin switch" yet. I'm still on Ray #1.

Then we watched the first DVD of The #1 Ladies Detective Agency. Hubby has read all the books so he was very interested. I liked the music and the set-up, and had two "It's that guy/gal moments" in the first episode.

David Oyelowo-Danny Hunter from Spooks
Nikki Amuka-Bird - Beth from the Torchwood episode Sleeper

And the really bizarre part is that their characters were married.

Anyway---fun shows all.


Oh no! There's a curling controversy. The crowd is too loud! The curlers can't concentrate.
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