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Children of Time awards are back and open for voting.

Torchwood Nominees and voting


The new drabble-challenge is up at ppth_support. This weeks episode is "Forever," and just re-reading the transcript to get the character list was depressing. There's ONLY the baby, mom and dad plus a NICU nurse and two EMT's. I'd love to see someone take on the heaviness of this episode or the aftermath, or possible even something from the newborn's POV.

ETA: I posted too soon. Turns out the always-amazing pwcorgigirl has taken up the challenge and written a fic from Brent (the father's) POV. Absolutely gut-wrenching stuff.

One Day At A Time
Go. Read. Give Love!


RPS-Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law
The Jealousy Bug Part II by holmes221b.
The story continues with an interesting twist.


Dr. Who
Master/Clone!Ten-NOT CRACK!!!
Take, Possess, Destroy by filthgoblin.
Warning: Non-con.
Very dark and intense. Goes places you may not completely comfortable with, but definitely illuminates the Doctor/Master relationship from the Master's side.
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