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OMG-House music at the coffee shop!

So I went downstairs for my hot chocolate at Tully's and they were playing "Are You Alright," by Lucinda Williams, which is to me "The incredibly H/W song from the end of Fetal Position." I took it as a sign from Foreman's imaginary friend that I should post, rather than do any of that silly work stuff. Come on, I'm a week from vacation. They can really be expecting me to do anything, can they?

I'm thrilled to report that I do not totally suck. Well ok, I do totally suck because I flaked my mother's birthday back in March or April or one of those months, but I did call her yesterday. We chatted inanely for awhile. She's going to retire this year. I can't imagine retiring or that I'll have enough money to do so when the time comes, so that's kind of weird.

Yesterday was HAIR DAY, so I'm all red and shiny and straight. Along with my godess nails being back with a shiny coat of "Sugar Glaze" by Creative, I'm looking pretty glam.

I was needing HAIR DAY pretty badly. Nasty roots and grays showing. Feh! Frizzies out the wazoo. Blech. So Sebastian took care of all that, and while I was sitting there with conditioner doing it's thing, I was able to log on to email, and check comments etc. Plus I'd had a total black out on what I'd done for G on MMOM and I had to look it up because it was driving me crazy.

After HAIR DAY, we go to Jims in Oakland for brunch. It was Mother's day and crowded, but we're regulars so the manager slipped us into a booth while no one was watching. We scarfed and headed over the bridge, arriving back at the Mint around 2:30PM. Robert (nice guy in a wheelchair) was already there singing, so we got started. I took the opportunity of a small crowd (and the fact that Robert is a nice guy in a wheelchair who sings really badly) to try some new stuff.

And since it was Mother's day everybody had to do at least one "mama" song.
My awesome friend Peggy showed up and did "Stoney End". Ok, super embarassing confession...when I first heard that song and for years and years, I thought the part about "and my poor mother worked the mine" meant that mom was a coal-miner. Duh!

Shortly after she left, I saw someone come in and sit at the bar and it was a serious Ut-Oh, moment...and now for some backstory:

karaokegal is a bit of flirt. I like to flirt with gay boys and girls, but I generally try not to flirt with males who have not passed the show-tune gene test. A few years back I made an exception and it turned into a night-mare. Said non-showtune gene possesser while superficially not actually hideous, turned out to be a particularly repellent speciman of Smarmy, Sinatra, Singing, Straight guy or SSSS. He also turned out to be a lawyer and a crack-head. And way too interested in me, once I'd decided that flirting, talking or acknowledging his very existence were all bad ideas.

Trust me kiddies, I'm not that much of a vixen, really, but SSSS got a bug up his ass that I'd been leading him on to the point of telling my HUSBAND that I'd been coming on to him. Shortly thereafter he was 86'd from the Mint and given a ticket to the world. I've always assumed he was dead or in jail and I was just as happy either way.

We haven't seen him in at least three years and there he was. I was doing the "I don't see you," routine, expedited by the fact that I was working on some smut in my notebook, which is the best "I don't see you" prop in history. Sebastian practically held my hand and crawled into my lap to show that I was being protected. While this was going on, apparently SSSS was talking to Robert at the bar and asking him to come over and talk to me and get me to talk to him. (Not Robert in the wheelchair, who had left by then.) Robert at the bar is this totally scary-looking grunge dude, who is really a complete pussy-cat.

SSSS was lurking by the front of the lounge and I'm still refusing to look up and Sebastian couldn't take it and went to talk to him. He came back with a note on a napkin, which basically said he was sorry for everything and would I forgive him?

I'm thinking he's now fresh out of jail/rehab and doing ammends. I'd make a joke referring to "Words&Deeds" but don't want to spoil the UK-ers.
So because I figure it's part of my program to accept an ammends, I went and talked to him a little. He said he was in a really bad place when it happened. I told him I accepted. He left. Whew!!!! I just hope he stays left, but I'm not sure. Or he can stay left on Sundays so I don't have to see him.

Afterwards Robert came over and asked if he should have beaten the SSSS up for me. I have the best Karaoke Kronies in the world.

In fact, within a few minutes of the SSSS departure, my friend Greg showed up who I haven't seen in ages, which made me soooooo happy. I love Greg. I can flirt with Greg, who showed up with his boyfriend. Greg is just the sweetest, most mellow, long-haired guy and did (be still my beating heart) "Weekend In New England."

At 7:30PM, I ordered Gyoza and Sushi to take home for the hubby, who is still pursuing this fishing thing, but was home by then waiting for me. The food came and I still wasn't up for my last song, but when I asked Daddy Dave, it turned out I was next. By this time I'd finished writing the first draft of my Alias Fic-a-thon story (knocked it out in two days), so I was ready to go home and start typing. Cause like it's due...Friday!!!

So now I really, really need to do some work, but what I really want to do (and need to do, you guys are counting on me, right?) is work on MMOM fics, so I have the rest of the month stockpiled before I go on vacation.

Keep in mind I was there for like 5 hours.
Sweets For My Sweet-Searchers
A Boy From Nowhere-Tom Jones-Three up-sounds better, still needs work.
There Goes My Baby-Drifters-Needs lots of work.
It's Nice To Go Travelin'-Frank Sinatra-One of the few pop songs to mention Iraq in a positive light. It's a really old song.
I Must Be Seeing Things-Gene Pitney-I love over the top Gene Pitney songs, but I need to practice this one some more
Mom & Dad's Waltz-Left Frizzell-My mother's day song. Same thing, I need to know it better. I've only heard the Tom Jones version on the album he did with Jools Holland
1985-Bowling For Soup-This is so ME! (But I've done it better.)
Cry Just A Little Bit-Shakin' Stevens-I KICKED ASS!
Hot Fudge-Robbie Williams-I still have trouble with the LA LA LA LA part.
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