karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Cranky, cranky, cranky...and losing my marbles.

It's a good thing I'm got some days off next week, cause I'm on the verge of going postal.

Client booked ticket and hotel to Miami for ABA meeting. He used his own miles to upgrade. The firm decided that he shouldn't go to the meeting. I need to get the ticket refunded to the corporate ghost card, but I can't do that without the client paying out of pocket $150.00 to get the miles back.

Same trip---both clients presumable told their admins to cancel the reservations and somehow neither Steve nor I got them canceled. Which we didn't find out until yesterday, when we were well within the 7 day cancel period at the very expensive hotel.

I'm now praying to the travel gods that the hotel will basically eat a $1000.00 so that my agency doesn't have to.

Different client is booking hotel in Washington DC. Admin calls to tell me that client's wife is very concerned that I book the right room at the right price and has all sorts of information to send me.

Non-work related...I KNOW I bought a hard-boiled egg this morning for my morning snack. I actually saw the lady at the store putting the egg in a napkin and then in a bag with some fruit I was buying. 12N-snack-time. NO EGG.

Client made changes to refundable ticket, but I flaked on the re-issue. No one's fault there but my own. Delta then charged $50.00 for the re-issue at the airport, which if I'd done it here, theoretically should have been free. Unless I can find out and prove that I would have had to charge him the same $50.00. Naturally due to impending Snowpocalypse - The Sequel, it's impossible to get through to Delta.

Or any other airline for that matter.

This may be continued as my job continues to piss me off.
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