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Weekend stuff

I got my "Ficathon Walks Into a Bar" assignment. Owen is going to meet Trent Kort from NCIS. This is gonna be awesome!!!


Got to the gym yesterday-treadmill, BOSU, stretching, cool-down. I was really proud of myself about the stretching until a bit later in the day---will get to that shortly.

Went to Luna Park for brunch. The food was excellent. I had the Eggs Florentine, which is a Benedict with spinach instead of Canadian bacon and in this case also had trout. The potatoes were amazing. I generally don't wax poetic about potatoes but these were really awesome potatoes. Hubby had the chilaquiles, which is basically a Mexican matzoh-brie, and from a few bites, I'd say that was pretty yummy too. Unfortunately our waitress was not awesome, so they lost major points on the service, in terms of the waitress being attentive to people i.e. Hubby, making the universal gesture for "I need more coffee."

Afterwards we got a cab to Psycho-sis's apartment. After over a year, going back to the time of the first motorcycle accident, she is back home. She is doing so much better, it's unbelievable. We brought her back all the stuff we'd given her at Christmas, which we'd been holding for her since then.

We'd planned to walk from there to the Metreon, but there were ominous clouds and cold breeze, so when a cab came by, we grabbed it, and went to see Percy Jackson & the Olympians-The Lightning Thief.

Before the movie, we sat outside and watched incredibly lithe people doing some kind of acrobatic/gymnastic stuff that made me realize how completely pathetic my flexibility and core-strength are by comparison.

have</i> to be a Satyr? Really?

I was very pissed on behalf of the mom that the kid got a moment with Poseiden, but she didn't? Boooooo!!!!

But here's the other interesting thing. I know Rick Riordan. Or I knew him. OK, I met him a few times. When my first mystery novel was published in 1997, he'd just put out an awesome mystery called Big Red Tequila and I was part of a group of people running all over Northern California for Mystery Week, doing book events and trying hustle our books. He was doing really well then. Big Red Tequila had gotten great reviews and they were already talking movie deal. He was a really nice guy and I just assumed he was still writing Tres Navarre books. I had no idea he'd branched out into fantasy and was presumably making bazillion dollars from this series.

I'm taking this as inspiration to finish Winners & Losers, although I doubt it will have the same result, even if I can get another agent and a book deal.

After we got home, we chilled out and watched The Incredibles on DVD. Cute.

I've already been out to find the Dog of the Day and do two times around Dolores Park. I'm skipping karaoke today. Hubby wants me to go to a Mandolin event at Noe Valley Ministry.

A few graceful mandolins with mandola and guitar presents a varied concert of elegant and charming French music by Roeser, Couperin, Saint-Saëns, Bizet, Fauré, Debussy, and Ravel arranged for our combination of instruments.

He wants to go on the bicycles.

Oh yeah. This is a good idea.
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