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Three days off!

Plan for today is getting some laundry done, doing about an hour long run, which I'm planning to time so I finish up with core-work and stretching at the gym, mani-pedi with foot massage, and then go to the Mint and write all afternoon.


No new House this week. We do get one next week and I'm thinking it's another bait-and-switch, now-you-see-it, now-you-don't, yeah we know they're fucking, but we'll never admit it, kind of story.


Wow! You never know what's going to cause a brou-ha-ha on fanficrants. This one took off in directions I never suspected. It's been an interesting, mostly civil discussion, and it's possible I do have a high-horse about addiction/recovery issues, and possible the initial rant could have been phrased better regarding the generalities.

I stand by the specific rant for the character in question and the general point regarding the fact that if a character has a canon addiction issue, which is known to the other characters and has been acknowledged by the character themself, then drinking is an issue on the table and at least deserves a mention when the behavior is witnessed by other characters.

We managed to ride the bikes to Noe Valley yesterday with no major incidents. The concert was very low-key. Six people on stage and about 20 in the audience tops. Afterwards we went to Il Cantuccio for din-din and came to home to watch more #1 Ladies Detective Agency, where we had another Who spotting: Colin Salmon, who played Dr. Moon in Silence In The Library, was Precious' ex-husband.
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