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On the street where you live....

Did you guys see Rachel Maddow last night?

During the segment on Bart Stupak and C-street, she mentioned living on a specific street in the Mission district of San Francisco in 1995? I LIVE ON THAT STREET!!! Further outside research indicates that she may have lived within a block of me. How cool is that?


Stupidest tag line for a movie ad ever:

"The CIA has a secret!"

UMMMMMM....it's the CIA. I'd hope they have some secrets.


Tommorow night is the George Cole Quintet and Fishtank Ensemble concert at Noe Valley Ministry. I'm very excited about this and even moreso because the lovely talulahk will be accompanying us to the show.

Seriously...if any of you guys are in the Bay Area and want to hear some kick-ass Gypsy Jazz, this is your chance.

Also, I was googling George and I checked his Wiki Page and discovered this tidbit:

He was the guitar instructor of Billie Joe Armstrong for ten years and also taught Mike Dirnt before they started the punk rock band Green Day.



Almost as thrilling, is our appointment tomorrow at H&R Block to get our taxes done and find out how much money, if any, we have available to plan the Scotland trip for this summer.


Take this as a flyer on the bulletin board of the Chelsea Drugstore rather than actual pimpage, since I consider myself a non-interested party, but I think it might be of interest to some of our customers:

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