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Oscar recap-2010

Thank god for Tivo.

I liked the opening with best acting nominees on stage.

Sparkly tux/NPH doing the opening number-AWESOME!!!

Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin are my Oscar OTP. Loved the duologue and especially having fun with Clooney…and Clooney playing right along.

Lots of long, flowing, big skirts tonight.

Christophe Waltz get best supporting actor. Whoooooooo-hooooooo!!!!

Miley Cyrus is an freakin’ Amazon compared to Amanda Seyfreid.

I thought Coraline was the best animated picture of the year, but Pixar is unbeatable.

Nice to see T-bone get the song Oscar.

Tina Fey’s hair and dress make her look like Wilma Flinstone. Not a good look.

Also RJDR????What up with the sunglasses and BLUE BOWTIE???

Matthew Broderick and Molly Ringwald doing the John Hughes tribute. WAAAAAAHHHHHH. My heart. OMG --- Judd Nelson looks bizarre and McCauley Culkin looks….Exactly the same as he did when he was 9. Which is creepy as hell. The clips broke my heart though. (And apparently neither Charlie or Emilio could make it.)

Carey & Zoe holding up their skirts to get down the stairs. Adorable. Still can’t get over Carey in the short hair. Love Zoe’s pastille lilac froofy meringue dress, but it’s not doing much for her topside where it’s making her look a bit under-endowed.

OH BEN!!! The Avatar look is still an improvement over last year’s Joaquin Phoenix schtick.

I supposed it was too much to hope for In The Loop to win anything, but even seeing the clip made me smile again.

Queen Latifah looks awesome, but I’m not crazy about the way the dress is draping.

Nice clips from the Governor’s ball! Yay Lauren. Standing O, which she so deserves.

Robin Williams is looking OLD!!! And making a ball joke.

I really wanted Vera Farmiga to win, but I figure nominating both women from Up In The Air made them cancel each other out. But major props to MoNique for the Hattie McDaniels shout out. (So happy Maggie Gyllenhaal didn’t win..)

The off-the shoulder gowns are not working for me at all. Not crazy about MoNique or Sigourney Weaver’s dresses.

Sarah Jessica Parker….Nooooooooooo!!!! That dress is horrible. I ragged on your boobs last year, but at least the dress looked like a dress. The dress on the winner is….different, but quite striking.

The hotel room bit was a waste of time.

Hey, Kristen Stewart…you’re on the Academy Awards. Stand up straight and stop playing with your hair.

Is there a particular reason to be doing a horror film tribute right now? Is it just to play up to the Twilight crowd? Seems to me this is an unnecessary time filler.

Zac Efron---you’re on the Academy Awards---comb your fucking hair.

Awwww…Morgan Freeman…your voice does make everything better. (And you’ll always be Easy Reader to me.)

Elizabeth Banks---whoever she is…zap zap zap.

Sandra Bullock---nice dress, but I beg you to rethink the lipstick and the blusher.

Demi, I didn’t even recognize you…and you don’t sound as froggy as you used to. James Taylor…OLLLLLLDDDDDD!!!

Interesting choices for the “in memoriam segment…I think Michael was the biggest star who passed last year, but they didn’t want to end with him for whatever reason and Karl Malden had been president of the Academy for many years.

Who was that random Aussie presenting with J-Lo? And what’s the point of saving me from individual song production numbers and forcing me to watch bad dancing for the scores?

Yay Bradley Cooper. Just for being Bradley Cooper. Ditto for Jason Bateman.

Best documentary---The Cove!!!! YAY…The most depressing film I’ve ever seen in my life, but it definitely deserves to win.

Tyler Perry-Right on!

The Hurt Locker editing couple are adorable.

At least Keanu has his hair combed, and he’s sporting the Beard since RDJr chose to go clean-shaven.

Pedro & Quentin.---freaky couple, but I’m so happy Quentin is there even in an ugly tux.
You go Argentinean director guy!

Another line-up situation for Best Actor/Actress. I guess it’s a way to get as many big names on the stage as possible.

Vera Farmiga is adorable, but that fan-dress isn’t working at all. I so want Clooney to win, but I already know how this comes out.

I can’t believe how old Tim Robbins looks. Now I’m depressed that we’ll never have Tim and Susan on an Academy Awards show together. But Tim’s little speech was adorable.

OH COLIN!!! Yay for making spooning jokes, but boo for using “man” more than once.

Oh Kate---that dress does NOT look comfy at all.

Yay Jeff Bridges. Happy and having fun with it. So, good for him. (And I loved him this year in Men Who Stare at Goats) Lloyd would have been so proud.

I’m really happy they did the actor awards ahead of the actress. It’s a little thing, but the fact that they always did actresses first made the actors seem just a little more important. So Yay Academy for that.

I love Michael Sheen and I love Peter Sarsgard, although I didn’t really recognize Peter with the beard and short hair.

The Precious girl is crying while Oprah talks about her. AWWWW!!!! (However, I suspect she may turn out to be a one hit wonder.)

Stanley Tucci---AWWWWW!!! (I didn’t even recognize him in the opening line-up.)

Sean Penn---looking nice. But making no sense.

Sandra Bullock---Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I’m sorry, that’ crap does NOT beat Meryl Streep, not to mention all the others.

I was singing The Way We Were and then started wigging out when they announced BABS!!! I love you Babs, but that’s not a great outfit either. What’s up with that lacey, frilly bit in front? YUCK. (Oh now I can see. EEEP!)

Yay Katherine Bigelow. It must be awesome and bittersweet for Babs to give her that award, since she was a pioneer there was well. Katherine is shaking like a leaf. It’s gotta be weird for her to have beaten her ex-husband. (And the play-off to I Am Woman---awesome---)

And she DOUBLE BEATS HER EX. (Oh James, you’ll just have to be content with bazillion dollars.) She’s double fisting her Oscars.

That’s amazing….but there’s still no reason it had to run 3 ½ hours.

Good night folks.

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