karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Sniffle, sniffle....SHIT! I do not have time to be sick.


No sooner had I promised blueashke that I would come to the Mint tonight and cheer her on the Country Karaoke competition, than I got the sniffly, snuffly, sneezies.

This is not good!

Tomorrow night, Hubby & I are seeing the Be Good Tanyas and on Saturday we're flying out on the famous "free" (hahaha) ticket. Plus, if I'm all sniffly and sneezy at work tomorrow and Friday, Tobie will be even snippier than usual.

Once again, I thank who ever protects drunks, fools and travel agents that I live in San Francisco, specifically the Mission where I can get pretty much any cuisine within two blocks of Chez Karaokegal. If a bowl of Pho and two benedryl don't knock it out, I don't know what will.

I'm re-watching "The Jerk" (And who thought it was a good idea to name a House episode after a Steve Martin movie?) Maybe some House-babble tomorrow, maybe not. Cause the first time around...not much to talk about.
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