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House babble for Private Lives

House Party attended by michelleann68 and evila_elf.

Another jumbled episode that does a lot of winking and nodding at the on-line fanbase. I wouldn’t have been surprised if our patient ended up writing fanfiction.

I still don’t get what St. Doris of the H/W fandom is trying to do with this stuff. We get straightstraightstraight House watching straight porn, talking about masturbation, and bringing hookers to the hospital. We get Wilson dragging House out for speed dating, but whining about House’s straight porn habit and basically doing everything to show he’s obsessed with House but lisping about it, while still making sure we know that Wilson screwed the nurse.

ETA: Can't forget House to Wilson at the bar: "You brought a date?"

I LOVE that Wilson is still screwing nurses. I love that House is using hookers and betting with bookies. (Not so much with the recovery there, House.) I love that House won’t confide in Wilson and is more than happy to humiliate him. All while still assuming they’re going home to have sex, but end up sleeping in lonely separate beds. It’s the only thing that makes sense at that this point. The sex is going on, but in spite of living together, the intimacy that they used to have is out the window.

But what I really loved this week is Chase. Chase and his sweaters. Chase and Wilson having an actual scene together. TALKING TO EACH OTHER. The only thing that redeemed the “speed dating” scene was Chase. I though that was going to be cringe time, but Jesse doing “American” was beyond adorable. Not to mention the H/W both hitting on Chase vibe. In fact that bit was the part that gave me my H/W jollies more than anything else in the episode. It was like Ol Skool H/W fic with Chase as the fuck-toy. It’s a fic dynamic I got sick of at the time, but it felt great to see it in action. Plus more happy dancing for my House/Chase fetish. When he said “You really are pretty,” it was way more convincing that his extremely pro-forma come on to Cuddy.

I felt bad for RSL in the speed-dating scene, mostly because he was stuck in the sweater of doom.

HOWEVER---I’m supposed to believe that Chase is just now noticing that he’s good looking? Was he not paying attention for the first three seasons? All of House’s jokes about his pretty mouth and short shorts? How about Foreman’s line about Chase flashing all of his teeth? How about him flirting with the girl in Control or the one he was telling the shark story to? Kalvin Ryan, anybody? Chase knows he’s good looking. So I totally call bullshit on that, no matter how well Jesse played it.

Which brings us too…..Chase and 13. I wish they hadn’t put us through 13 and Foreman, because if they do go ahead with Chase and 13, it’s just gonna be really skeevy and soapy, but I still want it to happen, because the chemistry is there. Hell, you might want to check the ambient temperature in hell, because I generally liked 13 through this whole episode and thought that little equestrian cap she was working at the end there was adorable.

I’m not going to say much about the whole “movie” thing, except that I was embarrassed for myself to watch those scenes and for everyone involved. Doris should be ashamed of itself.

As for the blogging and the anvils about “community,” I don’t know what to say. I suppose we should be glad the closing shot wasn’t the patient throwing her laptop out the window to make the point. “Real life good; blogging bad.”
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