karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Ipod Clock Fail

So I'm walking to work this morning having just found and photographed the Dog of the Day, and I take a look at my Ipod, specifically to see what time it is. My Ipod proceeds to tell me that it's 930AM. This would mean I am already half an hour late for work and not even half way there yet. I knew I'd left the house slightly late and taken time finding the dog and trying to photograph a previous dog who just wasn't in the mood to pose, but I couldn't honestly believe I was that far behind schedule. Except I did. I thought I must have been walking really slow or spaced out or something because I just took for granted that this was true, rather than checking my cell phone, EVEN THOUGH I took my cell phone out and left a panic stricken message for my co-worker saying I was sososososososo sorry and that I was on the way.

I left the message as I was getting into a cab to try and get to work in any kind of reasonable time and the cab driver told me it was 8:30AM. So I stopped babbling and checked my cell-phone and it was in fact 830AM.

I stayed in the cab, which was fine and got to work in plenty of time, but the whole thing was weird. I have no idea why the clock on my Ipod decided to jump ahead an hour for no good reason. Could it be that it automatically thought we were switching off of Day Light Savings a week early based on the old system?

tl;dr--I'm a dork. Have a nice day.
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