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In the immortal words of Bruce Springsteen

"I'm just tired and bored with myself."

I won't whine about work for the time being. I'll just whine about being blah and bored and let down.

I had this big rush yesterday where I got inspired by something Beta-Goddess Carol emailed me at 530AM and wound up writing a short piece and posting it by about 11:30AM that day. It was awesome. A complete distraction, if you know what I mean.
If you're not on Housefic, but you like my House MD writing, here it is:
F/Y/I-No slash, although there's certainly some ambiguity there.

So the point is: Yesterday-super creative adrenaline rush. Today: Post-creative-rush-depression. I hate children too much to want to call it "post partum", but you get the idea.

Today just the empty blahs. I did 40 mins on the treadmill this AM and the food is OK, but I'm still an empty blah.
Oh yeah, I did come up with a new name for my thighs...
The Cellulite Express.

Ta da!

I went to Virgin today looking for whatever Cardigans CD has "Love Fool" on it.One of my sweetest karaoke kronies does it and I've become obsessed in that annoying way you become obsessed with a song that you don't really know and go around singing the one or two lines you do know until people want to smack you.

They didn't seem to have it, giving me an excuse to include an excursion to add Amoeba records to my agenda for my week off. It's gotta be more exciting than having my exam so they'll renew my pill prescription.
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