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Lots of stuff---includes Alice In Wonderland review.

First of all my condolences to Keith Olbermann and his family. His father passed away on the 13th after a long fight with medical complications, which Keith had discussed rather extensively on Countdown as part of the coverage and discussion of Health Care Reform. I wasn't always comfortable with the level of detail Keith chose to share with us, but I never failed to be moved by his passion about the topic and his obvious love for his father. It's a double tragedy as he lost his mother last year.


Hubby and I were out of the house most of yesterday on the dreaded bicycles. We managed to avoid any major incidents, but my knees were NOT happy with me and I expect that getting down the stairs today will not be a lot of fun. We ran smack dab into the San Francisco St. Patrick's Day parade, which was kind of fun. It's been a long time since I saw any parade in person since I generally avoid crowds.

After getting clear of the parade, we rode down Mission to the Ferry Building and then all the way to the Marina Green and nearly to the Presidio. We stopped at Barnes & Noble on Beach Street for coffee and then rode back to the Metreon area, parked the bikes and had tea at Samovar while waiting to see Alice in Wonderland

I think Tim Burton and Johnny Depp need to get away from each other for awhile. There was so much awesome stuff in this movie. The visuals were as amazing as one would have expected, especially the 3-D effects, and there were some great performances but by the real actors and in the CGI, but I feel like Depp as the Mad Hatter was actually the weak link. I get that he was supposed to be "Mad" but I feel like that was an excuse to have no consistency what so ever. It was like Johnny had put all of his greatest hits into a blender and changed persona and accent from scene to scene, sometimes from line to line. It didn't work for me at all, especially when they were trying to play the pathos angle. Dude, you're not Edward Scissorhands anymore. Tim Burton is a visual genius, but this is not a Scorcese/Deniro or even Scorcese/DiCaprio situation and I'm sure that Tim isn't the guy to tell Johnny to tone it down a bit.

I loved Stephen Fry as Cheshire Cat. PERFECT! And once again Helena Bonham Carter did what she did as well as anyone could have, although it took me awhile to recognize Crispin Glover. Dude! Where have you been?

I feel there were missed opportunities to subvert the expected, since they were fiddling with the plot anyway. For a while there, I was sure the "reveal" was going to come that Red Queen was actually the sympathetic character while the White Queen was a manipulative usurper, and was I the only one who caught a bit of femslash between the White Queen and Alice?

It also looked like they were going to lampshade a bit of Wizard of Oz at the end, but they didn't, and they also didn't go in a darker direction of having her try to stay in Wonderland or agree to marry the dweeb while keeping Wonderland as her personal escape. I suppose I should be happy she didn't find a Johnny Depp type waiting for her as she boarded the ship at the end. On the other hand...ummmmm going out to open trade in China? So the heroine is about to instigate colonialism and star the Opium Wars?

Went to dinner at Mel's Diner. Biked home with knees protesting all the way. Watched some more Due South. We're almost done with Season 2.

I've been scribbling furiously for two days and now have a completed first draft of my "Ficathon Walks Into A Bar" story. Hopefully I'll have it typed up by tomorrow and can start desperately seeking beta. So excited about this story---can't tell you.
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