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MMOM Day 19-S is for Star Trek

Title: Where No Man...
Fandom: Star Trek
Characters: Janice Rand/Christine Chapel
Wordcount: 425
Rating: PG13

My first fandom and the place where slash was born. Thanks again to Beta Goddess Carol.

Yeoman Rand, please report to sick-bay.

Janice was in no mood for her yearly check-up.

If there were any problem with her health, the monitors in her quarters would have picked it up long before McCoy waved a tricorder over her body. The purpose of the “check-up” was to make sure her birth-control implant was working.

“Why bother,” she grumbled to Nurse Chapel after McCoy had left the exam room. “It’s not like I’m doing anything that’s going to get me pregnant.” She sighed in exasperation. “Five years away from Earth is a long time.”

Yeoman Rand had given up her romantic illusions about Captain Kirk when it became painfully obvious that they were hopeless, although he still appeared in her fantasies. Even those weren’t as frequent as they had been.

“I’m even getting bored with…myself,” Janice blushed at what she had admitted, but Christine just smiled and nodded knowingly.

Janice remembered a night they’d spent with a bottle of Saurian Brandy commiserating about their respective love lives or lack thereof. Falling in love with a Vulcan was even worse than giving your heart to a captain who only cared about his ship.

Christine left the room for a few minutes and returned with something in her hand, which she held out for Janice to see. It resembled the top half of an index finger.

“It’s a neuromuscular stimulator. Used to help the body heal itself after an injury by stimulating cell growth.” Her smile grew surprisingly wicked for such an innocent face. “But it can stimulate other things as well. Put your legs up, as though I were examining you.”

Janice was skeptical. She’d heard of sexual toys being used on Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet, but couldn’t imagine what such a device could possibly do for her until Christine placed the tip of the stimulator against her vagina and….

“Oh!” she exclaimed. It was nothing like what she’d expected. Pliant, warm, tingling, soothing. Almost …intelligent as it nestled just inside her opening, adjusting itself as Janice’s body reacted by squirming this way and that.

“I order them in bulk. McCoy thinks we go through so many of them because we can’t seem to send a landing crew anywhere without at least one major confrontation.”

“Thanks, I’ll…um…” Janice couldn’t wait to get this thing back to her room so she could enjoy it properly.

“You know, Janice,” Christine said, her normally comforting smile turning surprisingly lewd, “once you learn to control the intensity, you don’t have to take it out.”

No wonder she seemed so relaxed.

Tags: mmom, star trek

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