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A few hours ago I suddenly remembered that I did a change to an international ticket return yesterday and forgot to re-issue. I knew it was someone traveling with someone else, but had a complete black out on who it was and who made the reservation for them. Just total sieve-brain, but I did know that I hadn't changed the ticket.

About an hour ago, the admin called asking something else and I suddenly realized who it was and checked the record. They would have just been checking in. I called the airline, but they couldn't tell me if he'd checked in on the old ticket or bought a new ticket or anything.

The original ticket was on American and they had no idea if he'd done anything either.

What's driving me nuts about this is that since I was here, if they CALLED me from the airport in Osaka and said, HEY! What's going on with my ticket? I could have b.s.ed for a few seconds and then pushed the ticket through. WHY WOULDN'T THEY CALL? The guy he was traveling with had no problem calling the after-hours desk when he got to Incheon and was having trouble finding his limo?

What I'm hoping and praying is that he ONLY bought the ticket from Osaka to Tokyo, which is relatively cheap and will give me time to issue the ticket from Tokyo back to LA and send him an email, saying, GEE! I heard you might have had a problem, but it's not my fault and here's your ticket number for the long haul flight just in case you need it.

Worst case scenario is that he actually bought a new long haul ticket for $6000.00 on his own credit card and I'm gonna have a lot of 'splaining to do on Monday.

Worst Worst Case Scenario is that Japan Airlines wouldn't honor the reservation at all, on which I had gotten him the last seat and he's stuck in Osaka. BUT if that were the case, why wouldn't he call me or at least email his admin to yell at me?

I can't just call his admin and tell her because she's a wench and I've had trouble with her before BUT if he tells her on Monday that the ticket wasn't there, I'm going to be doing a lot of tap-dancing to get my self off the hook anyway.

Either way, I'm in a world of trouble and either the Regional Manager, The Travel Manager, The Admin or the Attorney are going to be entitled to a piece of my hide.

So I get to spend all weekend worrying about this.

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