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Today (while the blossoms still cling to the vine)

I did 90 minutes of walking/running/walking this morning.

Then we went to the Embarcadero Center to see The Ghost Writer and have dinner at Fuzio...on the bikes of course. The dinner was good, the ride wasn't too bad (until I got hit by a taxi-cab door) and the movie was excellent.

OK, there were massive plot holes, but it was a totally entertaining, suspenseful piece of film-making. Yeah, I had some glimmers of where it was going, but I was still guessing until the end. Ewen McGregor was kind enough to give us one good shot of the arse, even if he had to double down on his stupidity from Men Who Stare At Goats.

Great, witty script. Awesome performances by Pierce Brosnan et al, including Eli Wallach in a ten minute scene as Basil Exposition. (In the credits he's listed as "With the Participation of Eli Wallach.) I realize it couldn't have been shot in America, except for some exteriors, but damn if it didn't look and feel like New England. Plus the twists and layers and themes of loyalties and betrayals.

In the words of my husband, "Tony Blair wishes he looked as good as Pierce Brosnan."

Home now, watching Season 3 of Due South, so I get to see how the "Darrin switch" of the Rays works.
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