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OH NOES! It's the end of the world! It's SOCIALISM!!!!

UH, NO! (Hell, it's not even a decent public option.) It's the opportunity for millions of people to have coverage, and for the Insurance Industry to be slightly less rapacious than it has been.

I am SO PROUD of my congresswoman, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi for getting this thing done. I'm proud of every, single congressperson who made the YES vote in spite of screaming throngs of hate and out and out lies being leveled at them every single day for the last year.

I'm proud of President Obama for staying the course, and proud of Rahm, and everybody else for doing what had to be done. I'm certainly NOT worried about the Executive Order, since as Rachel pointed out during the Stupak Stupidity, the Hyde Ammendment is in effect anyway, and there was never going to be Federal Funding of abortion in the bill, even though I think there should be.

It must be so bittersweet for Bill & Hillary and everybody who went through 92' and 93' because they worked so hard and lost, but this time it happened and is going to happen. I'll never forget what they tried to do and will always love them for it.

I was so stressed out yesterday, probably because I was mostly reading the right-wing blogs. No, I don't know why I do that to myself, but it was awfully delicious watching them squirm when it became obvious that Stupak was going to fold.

I wish Keith was going to be back tonight to share some of the glow, but I'll settle for Lawrence since he was there in 93' and now he gets to do a bit of gloating. Rachel is gonna be ecstatic, and Jon and Stephen should have a lot of fun if they're on tonight. (Jon was talking about a "break" during the throw on Thursday. I don't know if that just mean the Friday/Saturday/Sunday or if they're both taking some time off.)

And now....on to the Senate!
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