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I want to be the person who got paid to write this:

Portola Sleep Revival

Revitalize your body. Reinvigorate the Earth. Rethink your comfort.
Get a full night's sleep in the best bed on the Monterey Peninsula
at Portola Hotel & Spa.

To ensure every guest can sleep on cloud nine, Portola Hotel & Spa has upgraded their linens and mattresses to a comfort level that will enhance your sleep experience. Using hypoallergenic and sustainable materials, our mattresses and linens provide a natural comfort and luxurious feel, that will revitalize your body and provide you with an incredible night's sleep. Our new environmentally friendly bedding includes:

• High quality, sustainable mattresses made of renewable resources
• Pillow toppers, down duvets, and pillows with new white duck down and feathers
• Ozone system and green chemical laundry to reduce chemical detergents into the
water supply

Indulge yourself with a one-of-a kind sleep experience at Portola Hotel & Spa on our Sleep Revival beds. Should you be interested in purchasing a local and sustainable manufactured mattress, please contact Monterey Mattress Company.
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