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A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Gorgeous weather and happy doggies all over the Mission.

We ate brunch at Ebb & Flow, which is a new restaurant in the space that was Craig's Place, and was our beloved and much-missed Platanos before that. Not bad, but pricey and trying too hard to be different. I really don't need to know that you have your own filtration system for still and sparkling water.

My "House Benedict" was good, but the potatoes definitely need work. Hubby had the Hangtown Fry and said the fried oysters were good, but the eggs were just ok.

After that we took a walk around Dolores Park and up to Castro Street.

I just got my goddess nails done and they are looking exceptionally lovely, since I managed NOT to screw them up this time.

Hubby is waiting for "The Bike Guy" to show up with his tow-truck. Nearly a year after Motorcycle Accident #2, he's getting the bike taken to the shop to be checked out so we can actually sell the thing. I know it's painful for him, but it needs to be done both for closure and so we can get some more moolah for our summer vacation.
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