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MMOM Day 22-V is for Vengeance Is Mine by Mickey Spillane

Title: Revenge Is Sweet
Fandom: Vengeance Is Mine by Mickey Spillane
Character: Mike Hammer (mention of Juno Reeves)
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 150
WARNINGS: Violence and homophobia.
Notes: I wanted to write some Mike Hammer and this was my chance. Thanks again and to Carol and her willingness to delve into the unknown.

Juno was dead.

Another corpse with a bullet from my gun. The DA was going to have a field day, but I didn’t give a damn. It was a clean kill. Self-defense, plus revenge.

Killing Charlotte had been easy, but shooting Juno into pieces felt good. Not just a murderer, but a slimy pansy in a wig and a dress. The illusion had been perfect, so good that I’d wanted to take her, crush her under my body and make her beautiful lips scream my name.

I’d thought about her when I was alone, late at night, the way a man thinks of a woman, and all the time it was a man. No one could ever know that. No one. That’s why the bastard had to die. No trial where secrets would be revealed.

Killing something like that was almost as good as what I’d dreamed of.

Maybe better.
Tags: mickey spillane, mmom

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