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Question for the Due South/Slings & Arrows/Paul Gross people on my F-list

Has the inevitable DS/S&A crossover fic been done to death on both sides of the fandom, or would there be an opening IF (big IF) I decided that's what I wanted to do for Come As You're Not?

Yes, I'm thinking about my Halloween story in March.

Whatever I do, it will be "Fandom I've never written before."

The main contenders right now would be Glee, Due South and Slings and Arrows, although obviously any show or movie I've never written before would be up for grabs and I'll probably do a poll when we get a whole lot closer.

B/T/W-I'm about half-way through the 3rd Season of Due South...I'm still not all that enamoured of RayK. It's not a House-newbie kind of loathing, but every time he acts like he should be as close to Fraser as Ray V. was, I bristle a little. Also, I think the whole "I came to Chicago on the trail of my father's killers..." schtick is getting MIGHTY OLD and ceasing to be the least bit humorous, no matter who gets to deliver it.

I did have to love an episode that managed to guest-star both Max Gail and Bruce Weitz.

Diefenbaker still rules, though.
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