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MMOM-Day 23-W is for West Wing

Title: Welcome to Congress
Fandom: The West Wing (for aithlyn)
Characters: Sam Seaborn/Brittany 'Laurie' Rollins
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 630

Notes: Sorry I didn't actually get it posted on the 23rd. First day I've missed the 24 hour cut-off, but I will post again before midnight. Possibly twice. Carol has been a gem for staying up with me online at all sorts of ungodly hours. Partially written in a bar in Beverly, MA amid screaming Red Sox fans, while doing karaoke with the lovely aithlyn.

Sam had only thought he knew how much petty bullshit an elected official had to put up with.

Less than two weeks after being sworn in, he felt completely overwhelmed. He was in restrospective awe of how masterful Leo had been at keeping ninety percent of that crap away from the president’s desk. His own hastily assembled staff had no idea how to keep him in that kind of bubble.

Of course, he wasn’t the president, just a freshman congressman serving in a dead man’s place. If Sam wanted his own term, he had to start fundraising now, so donor calls took up as much time as messages from colleagues wanting favors, co-sponsorship and his alleged influence with the administration, which as of his last day in the West Wing was officially nil.

How the hell did these guys have time for the kind of shenanigans that led to sex scandals? He was too beat to get together with his own fiancée, much less track down something extracurricular. The only stroking going on at Casa Seaborn involved constituent’s egos.

OK, maybe not that tired. Not just yet. He’d checked in with his Chief-of-Staff and there didn’t seem to be any new crises that he had to deal with before 5:30 in the morning.

Thinking of sex scandals reminded him of close he’d come to really screwing up because of Laurie. Last he’d heard she was working at Orrick Herrington in DC and doing well. He was honestly proud of what she’d accomplished, but he still thought of that night.

Coming back from the men’s room in a Georgetown bar, Sam had been stopped in his tracks by the most perfect ass he’d ever seen. He hated himself for objectifying a woman like that, but…the ass was amazing, in a black sheath skirt, standing at the bar trying to get the bartender’s attention.

Later he’d know her grateful smile for calling out Joe’s name and getting instant attention for her drink order, her slightly scratchy voice when they introduced themselves, her cleavage and her sense of humor, but before anything else, he’d seen the ass and stared like a horny teenager. Drinks led to more drinks and laughter followed by a trip to her place.

He’d tried to be a gentleman, but his good manners weren’t running the show by that point and she didn’t seem to mind. Maybe that should have been a clue. Or how quickly she’d been willing to go down on him. And how well.

His slippery hand closed tightly over his cock, while Sam thought of Laurie’s mouth…it was…oh god… perfect. She was perched on one elbow, curled up against him, head moving up and down.

So close. He could feel his balls tightening. He knew she’d let it happen, but he managed to stop because he wanted to be inside her. She’d nodded and gotten a condom, rolling it on him smoothly. Professionally. Had he thought that then? He didn’t know. He didn’t care.

He remembered the heat and sweat and her incredible legs wrapped around him while he was fucking her.

Hand moving faster…fucking Laurie…remembering her ass…coming…coming and you bet it was worth everything that happened afterwards. Everything.

It had been nearly five years and the memory still got to him. He hadn’t come like that in…a long time, certainly not with Beverly, not that he didn’t love her. But Laurie was special

Sam had to fight the urge to track her down immediately. He was a congressman with a fiancée. If the press got wind, they would bring the whole thing up again and so much for Laurie’s career, never mind his own.

They could never do it again as long as he was in public life. That wouldn’t be forever.

Would it?

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