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The Look of Love Is In Your Pimp Post

Reminder: Drabble Challenge #42-Who's Your Daddy is still open at ppth_support, for both Drabbles and larger fics, featuring any of the guest and supporting characters from "Who's Your Daddy". Crandall, Leona, Crandall's ex-girlfriend and House's dad, are all on the table this week.


New community to support John Barrowman as BAMF Patrick Logan on Desperate Housewives.


Posting is well under way for the Ficathon Walks Into A Bar challenge. Head over and find a few combos that pique your interest and give them a try.

Two recs from the Chelsea Drugstore; more to come.

Good Places: They're a Point of View by njzynj
Spike walks into a bar and meets... Jondalar!

Immaturity by chocolate_frapp
Gregory House walks into a bar and meets... Wendy Testaburger!


White Collar

Fanvid-Something to Die For by hllangel
Pairing: Neal/Peter(/El), Neal/Kate


Life On Mars/Ashes to Ashes

Patience by severinne.
Hot smut by one of the queens of Sam/Gene pron. It's just deliciously slow and sexy. Not much angst around, but when the sizzle is this hot, it doesn't really matter.

In Such Another Song by paperclipbitch
I'm a hard-core Sam/Gene Angst/smut slashing OTPer.
BUT when Alex is this fucked and crazy and you KNOW that Gene is fighting himself and the ghost of Sam...I still want it to happen.


Torchwood/Dr. Who

Model For Me by ebineez01
Sweet, hot, slightly poignant, but pretty close to fluffy. We know what Jack wants and finally the Doctor wants it too.

How To Spend A Slow Sunday Afternoon by ebineez01.
Feel free to put on Car Wash by Rose Royce as you boogie out and read this sexy tidbit. It's pretty pure fluff, but she snuck in just enough Rhys-angst to make it believable, and damn is it HOT.


Our fandom is NOT dead, damn it!
And as long as people like jenab keep writing fics like An Exit Plan it never will be.
A great vignette of Irina's last morning as Laura


A Gift Fic for me from topaz_eyes


Now that's what I call an OTP!


Two more fics for my OTP of Gibbs/Fornell, both by cat_13145

Snapshots of a Life

Dream A Little Dream of Me

These both do a great job of wrapping canon back-story into a cohesive narrative bringing the two characters together and keeping them very much in character while doing it.

There's a lot of "Kid-Fic" involved in Snapshots, so be warned if that is not your cup of Matcha.

And one from the Chelsea Drugstore Vaults

House MD

It Don't Mean A Thing

House MD/Swingkids crossover written for the H_W Fest back in December of 2006.

There's a few more uses of "James" and "Jimmy" than I would sanction now, but I'm leaving it as is. It's also a helluva lot more schmoopy and hopeful than anything I've written for the pairing in nearly three years. So if you want to see what K-gal schmoop looks like...this is it. Mind you, I had to get the Holocaust in there to do it.
Tags: ashes to ashes, ficathon walks into a bar, house md, life on mars, pimping, white collar

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