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Happy Birthday to my Hubby--in about two hours.

Since I won't see him tomorrow, we celebrated last night with dinner at Firefly.

Amazing food, in a restaurant sort of out in the boonies of Noe Valley, but always full because it's so good and famous. I gotta say, I thought both my soup and entree were a smidge salty and very very rich. I had the braised pork shoulder and the accompiament is MARSCAPONE POLENTA!!!

Hubby had the potstickers, which are justifiably famous. (When I told Giovanni, I was going, he immediately mentioned the potstickers.) Stuffed with shrimp and scallops. MMMMMMMM. He also had the rib-eye, which he said wasn't his best steak ever, but pretty damn good. If we had any brains we would have skipped desert, but hey, prix fixe, so....I had the panna cotta, which was also insanely rich, hubby had something with mango mousse and coconut tapioca.

As good as the food is, the seating arrangements don't offer much in the way of privacy. We now know more about the baby of the couple next to us, than we really wanted to. There was a very good guitar player, as well. Lots of Jobin, and a mixture of other jazzy stuff. Some Monk, some Fats Waller.

It's been a long time since I had a meal nearly put me in a coma, but this was close. I literally had to go to bed as soon as we got home without even checking email. And in the morning, I was able to get back on the sugar wagon after a few weeks of tailspin. Because that was like the drinking spree that ends up with Tequila. You know you don't want to go there again for awhile. Although I'm sure we will go back.

Mint Report

You know you're a ditz when you spend a few hours at the Mint and you're texting back and forth with David about who is or isn't there...or so you think. Then Donatello shows up and a few minutes later, the "Mexican Boys" walk in. And you start texting David, only to be told that you've actually been texting Donatello.

Julie was there, who I haven't seen in a while since she moved to Atlanta, because he husband got some unbelievable offer and is now teaching at Georgia Tech. She's one of my favorite Mint People. Just an awesome chica with great taste in music. Lots of country and 50's/60's pop.

She's working with an animal rescue organization called Furkids

Jim & Yanni are still sort of boycotting Sunday's because of the "Mexican Boys" who once they showed up were in full obnoxious, hogging the stage and the mike, mode.

But since hardly anyone else was there, I did get to sing a lot. I was mostly just working through old song slips without caring too much what I was going to sing.

Israelites-Desmond Dekker
Uncle John's Band-Grateful Dead
It Never Rains In Southern California-Albert Hammond
Sex Bomb-Tom Jones

Then Daddy Dave told me that both Donatello and I had put up Look of Love (by ABC, not the Dusty Springfield song). I offered to change songs, and then Donatello said we should sing it together which I was fine with, but he changed his mind so I did it alone.

That was my last song because I didn't want to risk being on stage when Hubby showed up in the cab to go to the restaurant.

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