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I left my heart...

Back from vacation and never so happy to be back in beautiful San Francisco. There will be a long trip report, but right now I'm just happy to be at Cafe Petra taking advantage of hi-speed wireless, drinking a mango iced-tea, working on more MMOM entries, other fics, beta projects, and having some much needed apart time from Hubby.

I've definitely developed more empathy for my problem children. The three things that gave me the most aggravation on the trip were a limo problem, getting my internet connection at the hotels and having to fly home in coach after the joys of business on the outbound.

Special thanks to Beta Goddess Carol who stayed up with on several nights to make sure I got the MMOM stuff posted on time, rivers_bend for friendly chatting and encouragement and the amazing and lovely aithlyn. I'll the whole story where I do the trip report, but meeting yet another LJ-er in the flesh was one of the high-lights of the trip.
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