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Bones Babble for The Bones on a Blue Line

Includes some Buffy talk and extra babble for The Bone that Blew

Memo to the Bones People

OH PU-LEASE---it was bad enough you made Sweets the Biggest Woobie that Ever Woobied with his backstory (including literal scars) in Mayhem on the Cross. Was it absolutely necessary to double down on his Woobie-hood by giving him PTSD, just so that he could propose to Daisy, which was only a surprise after the first five minutes to those who have never actually seen a TV show before.

And the stuff about the sex scenes? The Thing that Hodgens does? That's schtick was fresher and funnier back when it was the Venus Butterfly on LA LAW.

Meanwhile, I caught an episode I hadn't seen before...The Bone That Blew, which was notable mostly for the always awesome Gina Torres, and for gratuitous crap about Booth's kid and multiple scenes that made me want to slap Brennan in the face. I like that the show at least tried to defend public school education, but I got the feeling their heart wasn't really in it, and they honestly think Parker would be better off in the froofy private school.

Last night we watched a bunch of Buffy's --- Season 2 Disc 3---including the episode where Angel goes "bad" again, because apparently sex with a emo-whiney virgin'll do that to you.
The funny part was that just before it happened, during one of the love scenes, I said to hubby, "David Boreanz must be thrilled every day of his working life that he doesn't have to say crap like that anymore."

And voila, with the transformation, everything got a whole lot more watchable. Angel turns into a hot son of a bitch, Spike's deadpan snark gets sharper, and we get an episode like Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered. Absolutely wonderful stuff. As I've mentioned, so far the only ship I've really latched onto is Giles/Angel and I'd love to see some very nasty fic for them with Angel as Angelus. YUM YUM YUM.

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