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MMOM-Day 24-X is for Xanadu

Title: A Shooting Star
Fandom: Xanadu (1980)
Characters: Danny/Sonny/Kira
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 400
Notes: Yes, the movie with Olivia Newton John. Yes, I have totally lost it. Yes, you will get one of these songs stuck in your head and never forgive me. Yes, I am going to HELL! Yes, Beta Goddess Carol has done it again.

Danny McGuire

I only have to close my eyes, dear, and suddenly I’m where you are.

He was an old man now, with an old man’s dreams and an old man’s solitary pleasures.

In his dreams, he was still young and successful. He could write a chart in an hour, show it to the band, and play it that night. That was when he still had his muse and it gave him everything he wanted. Money, fame and women.

The girls, always the girls. Blondes, brunettes, redheads. He’d tried to remember their names, but there were so many. He’d had the young man’s prerogative to be a cad and he’d taken advantage of it.

Danny didn’t have a specific name or face to hold on to as he touched himself, so he remembered the music and the dancing and wished he hadn’t wasted it all.

Sonny Malone

Suddenly, the wheels are in motion.

He couldn’t get her out of his mind. She’d appeared like a ghost or a miracle out of nowhere, careening into him as though the wind were propelling her skates. Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin. She could have been every other starlet on the sunset strip, but she was more real than any of them. And when she’d kissed him, he felt the thrill of inspiration that hadn’t touched him in months. He had to find her, had to paint her, had to tell her what she’d brought back into his life.

He’d been looking all day, seeing only Hollywood instead the true beauty. He came home and pulled off his jeans, needing to touch someone, if only himself, while he imagined her naked before his easel.

Terpischore a/k/a Kira

A place where nobody dared to go. A love that we came to know.

It was all new and wonderful, having a body, but there was quite a bit she hadn’t been prepared for. The wind in her hair, the smell of the gingko trees and the sensations that traveled up her legs as she skated along the bumpy streets of Los Angeles. The first time she’d “accidentally” bumped into Sonny, she’d felt something go through her that she didn’t have a name for. She’d barely had time to learn everything that was possible for mortals in her time on earth, but she’d certainly learned enough to know what she was missing by not having a real body, or hands to touch it.

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