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Post-Easter Pimp Post


Next new episode of House MD (directed by Hugh Laurie)-April 12
Next new epsiode of Glee (featuring Idina Menzel)-April 13
Next new episode of Desperate Housewives (featuring John Barrowman)-April 18th



Would any of my more creative f-listers---as in pretty much anyone besides me---be interested in doing a banner/layout thing for omni_fiction? I'd like it to be a little snazzier, maybe with pictures from some of the different fandoms we've had featured thus far?

The Master-lists are now up for the Ficathon Walks Into a Bar Challenge. Please go over, find fics that look interesting. Read. Give Love. ALSO, if you participated and had fun or read and enjoyed, go to the SQUEEEEEEE Posts and thank the mods.

Here are some more Chelsea Drugstore recs:

About To Be Writ Again by travels_in_time
Cal from State of Play (UK) meets Nelson from Life on Mars UK) (DCI Bell is there as well.)

Illicit Meetings by donutsweeper
Jack Harkness walks into a bar and meets Jenny Sheppard (NCIS)



More Alias awesomeness from my co-mod at alias_slash, jenab.
This time it's angsty, slashy goodness with Jack and Will.


RPS-Chris Pine/Zach Quinto
Some Cupid Kills With Arrows, Some With Traps by babykid528

OK, guys, THIS THING IS EPIC!!! It's Chris/Zach College-AU, at Berkeley, with Gender Studies and Shakespeare thrown in. What's not to like?

White Collar
False Arrests
Some high-grade kinky smut for you. One word: handcuffs!


House MD

Strange Strangers by yasibaba.

A wonderfully bitter House drabble written by a new Chelsea Drugstore customer.
Check it out.
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