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Dr. Who Babble-The Beast Below

Oh Moff! Don't do this to me. :(

OK, I still love the new Doctor and I love Amy, and I think this series is going to be brilliant.

Unfortunately this episode ran bang smack into one of my main squicks, which is anything bad happening to an animal. I really can't stand it. In spite of the awesome J/G UST-iness of Meat, I can barely re-watch it, because of that. Also, I could live without "Humans are scum" message episodes, and it felt a bit much like a replay of the Ood as well. *shudder*

Also could have lived without the Doctor going all PISSY and "No humans can talk to me." Get over yourself big guy.

LOVED Liz/Ten and the shout-out to the Virgin Queen stuff from The End of Time and even The Shakespeare Code. Loved the Doctor/Amy interactions except for the Post-Reveal Pissy Fit. I especially love Amy in her nightie. Wouldn't it be cool if she did the whole series in it?

I liked the "are you a parent?" question and the silence that followed.

I'm sure it was a great script, but it was just the squick of the squickiest for me. Probably nightmare fuel for the more sensitive kiddies as well.

Is it me or does the "Star Whale" look more like a Space Squid?

So---NEXT WEEK---Winston Churchill & WWII & DALEKS!!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!! But....I feel bad that it's WWII and YOU KNOW WHO isn't there. I really hope he gets a shout-out a la "It's Volcano day" in Fires of Pompeii.

And now a word from Hubby re: Amy Pond: "She's very cute, but she's not as hot as Rose"

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