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Bones babble for The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

And I hate having to rant about Bones. Bones is supposed to be the show I enjoy without caring about it. All ships encouraged and accepted. No character bashing required. Just a nice, mindless, water-off-a-duck's back procederal.


What the hell kind of a piece of shit was that?

What was the fucking point? I've heard of "re-sets" but why bother completely pressing rewind on at least three years worth of character development for Temperance?

Parting your hair on the wrong side does not make an actor look younger. Sorry.

Since when is compulsive gambling a joke? IF we're supposed to believe that Seeley really does accept that he is an addict, which it appears he does, then what the fuckety fucking fuck was that about?

Nice to see Eric Millegan again, and it looks like he was able to grow his own 1st/2nd season hair back, whereas if I were TJ Thyne I would be horrifically embarrassed by having to put the wig on to play my 1st/2nd season self.

If I were every single one of the actors, I would throw my script at Hart Hanson and ask why he was expecting me to play my character as a total caricature, EVEN based on where they characters were in the first season.

Was it not established that Camille had never met Temperance prior to being hired at the Jeffersonian? (And was it not established that she was a pathologist, rather than an investigator?)

I guess Jonathan Adams had better things to do with his time, but his absence made this crap feel even more bogus than it already did.

This is so far beyond ret-conning it's not even funny. There's been NOTHING since the show began to indicate that anything like this happened. The only way it could have made any sense would be if the last shot was Booth and Brennan laughing that they'd fooled Sweets into not publishing the book.

And that ending was so atrocious. I don't know what was worse there...Hanson's script or Boreanz's direction (which doesn't bode well for Star/Director Hugh Laurie tonight). Is the idea that after the whole brain tumor AU and the whole "I love her/him but I can't tell her/him because it might not be true" that suddenly NOW the door is totally closed on the relationship AND they're making it Brennan's fault? In other words, the psychology that she's completely rejected turns out to be true after all?

Let me say it again:

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